Keera the Sunderer 3: the departure of Beltros

An Ironsworn solo campaign, with battles fought with the Commands and Colors Ancients and Scenario-X boardgame rules. I have reduced armies to 10 units (instead of the standard 12 in Scenario-X) and set the end of the game to 5 victory points (aka Banners) instead of 6. Hex-Crawling is based on the Macchiato Monsters Map Generator by Eric Nieudan. See campaign set-up here. [This is a gaming campaign: please do not expect historical accuracy]

Previous Events: Keera is the leader of a Gallic clan: the Sunderers. She allies with the Wind-Riders, lead by Mogurix, in order to march South towards the richest lands that once were Gallic and are now controlled by the Romans. But when the two clans are ready to move, they are attacked by a Roman army. They win the battle, but all their war chariots are destroyed.


Mogurix; the leader of the Wind-Riders, a clan allied with Keera’s Sunderers

Lavinia:  Mogurix’ wife. A Healer who was born a Roman but was adopted by the Gauls when a child.

Beltros: a Druid and the oldest member of Keera’s Sunderers. He disapproves the expedition South, believing that the risks of war should be avoided whenever possible.


The Sunderers and the Wind-Riders leave their plain they inhabited, moving South. They reach a lightly wooded region.
Undertake a Journey: C:4,8 A:2+1(Wits)=3 MISS

Pay the Price: The scouts report a Roman Legion camped near a farm. The battle appears inevitable and the best course of action seems to attack now, rather then risking being ambushed later.


Mogurix and the Wind-Riders deploy on the left wing. Keera is at the centre with most of the Gallic warriors. On the right side, the field is hilly: not much action will happen here.

The Gallic cavalry takes a hard blow and is forced to retreat

The Gallic cavalry is the first to take initiative: they destroy a Roman infantry unit on their first charge [G:1 R:0], but the Roman leader puts one of the attacking units to flight (two flags). Mogurix cavalry, now isolated, is completely destroyed [G:1 R:1].
Mogurix retreats and the damaged Gallic infantry on the left wing will soon be destroyed [G:1 R:2]. Keera and the Sunderers are advancing at the centre.


Mogurix joins the warriors immediately on the left of Keera and the two leaders clash against the main body of the Roman infantry: they outnumber them, three units to four. This will finally grant four victory points to the Sunderers. In the first clash, a Roman infantry unit is destroyed [G:2 R:2].


The Romans, however in clear inferiority, attempt a final attack, almost destroying Keera’s warriors. But the Gauls are not completely defeated: they fight back, destroy the two already damaged infantry units [G:4 R:2] and kill the Roman leader [G:5 R:2].

A clear victory for Keera! The Gauls can move on.

The woods are thicker now.
Undertake a Journey: C:5,8 A:3+1(Wits)=4 MISS
Pay the Price: [oracle] you are separated from something or someone


Beltros leaves the clan. Why? [50/50 choice between A and B]
A: he has a vision where the gods ask him to stay alone in the forest
B: he vaguely hints to a quest he has to follow alone

Does Lavinia take the place of Beltros? [50/50 oracle] NO
Beltros indicates Anunna (a [oracle: young and honest] priestess) to replace him during his absence.


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