Solo Lady Blackbird: Nightport prep

Lately I have been doing some world preparation for my solo Lady Blackbird campaign. I have been mainly thinking of planet Nightport and its capital city. The ruleset says: “Unlike other worlds, Nightport does not rotate, which means one face is always in darkness. It is on this side that pirates and smugglers have built […]

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Alternative Doll-House arrangement

A while ago we discussed on the RND G+ community the possibility of collecting a bunch of paper “doll-house” rooms to use for a random tower-crawl. Ray Otus posted a template that makes it easier to produce this kind of paper dolls. Here is an alternative that is slightly harder to assemble but has the […]

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OSR to Dungeon Squad II conversion

Here is how I intend to use Dungeon Squad II by Jason Morningstar as a much simpler alternative to standard OSR combat. In Dungeon Squad II, each monster (and each “problem” in general) has a 2-6 Challenge number. You roll a single D6: “When you fight a monster, each point over the monster’s challenge number is equal […]

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