Stay Frosty – Blasting Arkek’s alien device

The second part of my first solo tests with Stay Frosty, a cool Sci-Fi RPG full of alien bugs and explosions.

The current situation is that St.Galven is badly hurt (1 HP left), while Rosek and Benny still are in good shape. Tension level is 4. The squad has just find out that the mission’s objective is near.

Board 4:
As soon as they enter the board, the three heroes are confronted by a dinosaur (5 HD). All they soldiers shoot their weapons and they all hit. The dino is killed, but now Benny’s bazooka is out of grenades. Tension is at 5.







Board 5:
They reach the objective, which is guarded by an armoured giant (3 HD). Galven reaches the objective and places the explosive charge on Arkek’s communication device (the high tension grants an additional action per round). The other two soldiers dispatch the giant (Benny is now bravely fighting hand to hand). The charge explodes: mission accomplished!









Board 6:
I decided the squad has to go through a last board before reaching safety. They are confronted by a single collaborationist soldier, who hits Galven: he is down to 0 HP and his WILL is reduced by the hit. Rosek shoots down the enemy.
Tension explodes! While they are medicating Galven, they see something moving among the ruins. These are frantic moments, but all pass their Willpower save roll.
A final encounter with a giant armed with deadly tentacles. Rosek’s rifle strikes again and Benny attacks hand-to-hand and finishes the last enemy.

Stay Frosty – Searching for Arkek

I am running my first solo tests with Stay Frosty, a cool Sci-Fi RPG full of alien bugs and explosions.

Even if the game is not too complex, I have further simplified it:

    • I don’t roll damage: it always is a multiple of 5HP depending on the weapon / type of attack; I don’t use Armor


  • Hostiles have HD*5 HPs
  • I am not using MOS (my first characters are just generic soldiers)
  • I am not using Psi-Powers
  • The same Tension level is shared by the whole squad

The Squad (they are Level 2):

Sgt. Galven
Brains:8+ Brawn:8+ Dext:10+ Will:9+
HP: 11
Pistol – Damage:5HP, Ammo D8

Private Rosek
Brains:9+ Brawn:9+ Dext:9+ Will:8+
HP: 15
Rifle – Damage:10HP, Ammo D8

Private Benny
Brains:13+ Brawn:5+ Dext:8+ Will:8+
HP: 18
Granade Launcher – Damage:10HP Blast, Ammo:D4

I used the mission generator included in the game to generate an objective:
Sabotage Criminal House

Arkek is a leader of the collaborationists. The squad must find his house in the no-man’s land and sabotage the machinery he uses to communicate with the aliens.
I am also experimenting with the “scrolling board” I previously discussed.
On each board, I place 3 Potential Enemy Force (PEF) markers (TwoHourWargames style). I resolve each marker rolling the Stay Frosty Danger Die.

Board 1: two of the markers have no effect (Tension Explodes, but Tension is still 0; consumable depleted, but ammo checks are OK). The third PEF reveals a single alien which jumps on Galven. Galven is wounded. Benny attacks hand-to-hand and kills the alien without risking his precious grenades.

Fight with two aliens

Board 2: two more aliens appear and attack with their eye-rays. Rosek is hit. Galven is hit again and reduced to a single HP. The two soldiers fire back and put down the aliens (they only had a single HD each).

A friendly talk with a civilian

Board 3: A giant brute pops up from behind a car. Thanks god he is on the opposite side of the board and the team has all the time to put it down without coming to hand-to-hand combat. Benny has to fire his Grenade Launcher, but the ammo roll his OK. Tension is now at 3 and the guys have considerable fighting bonuses. A PEF finally resolves as a clue: a civilian informs them that Arkek’s house is nearby.

To be continued….