Topazsworn 1 – Karak’s finding

I started a new Solo RPG campaign based on:

  • Ironsworn / Starforged (the Kickstarter preview) – though Starforged has a sci-fi setting, it significantly improves the original Ironsworn, in particular for its handling of explorations.
  • Yoon-Suin the purple land: a fantasy sandbox setting with an Eastern feel; it mixes pre-made locations with a number of random tables.
  • Scarlet Heroes random tables: I am mostly using these to replace sci-fi oriented tables from Starforged. This game also has an Oriental flavour, so it fits well with Yoon-Suin.

I am recording everything on paper and I will only post short summaries from time to time. More details can be found in this Google docs folder.

The game starts in the main city of Yoon-Suin: the Yellow City aka the Topaz City.
They main character is the slave Naleka, body-guard of the noble slug-man Fihame-U. Fihame is a chartographer, second son of the powerful tax official Wulele-U. Wulele’s heir is Fihame’s brother Wu-U, an idle hedonist and opium addict.

Wulele-U, Wu-U, Fihame-U

Naleka background vow is: loyally serve the U family until they free her from slavery


The sidekick is Riaj, a young magician also affiliated with the U family.
Naleka is a devotant of Qala, the Topaz Tortoise, a goddess related with dreams (attribute: Shadow)


I decided to use the “challenging” stats from Loadstar (basically, +1 on all rolls)

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:4 Wits:3

Inciting incident

ORACLE: extort civilized wreckage
Someone has found traces of an ancient civilization in the Old Town (a vast abandoned area at the West of the Yellow City).
Who found this site? I roll a character on the Yoon-Suin tables: the Astrologer Karak, member of the Horoscope Academy.
Karak intends to sell the details of his finding to the Travellers of the Unknown, an exploring guild rival of Fihame.
Fihame orders Naleka to find out what Karak discovered. She swears a (dangerous) Topaz Vow to do so.

The abduction of Karak

Karak works and lives at the Horoscope Academy, a small astrology school. At night, the masked Naleka and Riaj go on a dangerous expedition at the Academy with the goal of kidnapping Karak. The best entry point is a first floor window that is too difficult to reach for Riaj: Naleka enters alone. The place is almost deserted. She only finds a sleepy guard in front of Karak’s room: she easily puts the guard out of combat, binds and gags Karak and lowers him through the window to Riaj. 
They take the astronomer to a safe place at the outskirts of the Old Town. The next day, they are joined by Fihame-U, who promises to spare Karak’s life if he shows them the site he discovered. Karak can only accept.

Naleka, Riaj, Karak

The temple of Uldip, the brown beetle

The next day, the four start a dangerous expedition through the Old Town, under the guidance of Karak.They are confronted first by outlaws and then by the fungoid mukesids: both Naleka and Riaj are slightly wounded. 


They finally reach a huge building that Fihame identifies as a temple of Uldip, the brown beetle. The dome of the temple is indeed made to look like an insect.

The temple of Uldip

A new (formidable) expedition inside the temple begins. The abandoned temple turns out to be infested by golden wormlings: they meet them almost in every room and in the end Naleka is badly wounded by their corrosive secretions. When they reach an acolyte’s cell, Karak opens an invisible secret door in the wall: on the other side of the door, the darkness is complete and they seem to be floating in a dense liquid that they can breath, though with great effort. Once Riaj manages to make some light with a spell, they see that Karak has disappeared. From the little they can see, they are inside a large labyrinthine machine. Because of the difficulty of breathing, they can only stay a very short time. Riaj manages to find a small artefact: a steel seven-pointed star covered in arcane symbols: he gives the object to Fihame. 
(Naleka’ first vow is fulfilled)
They safely return to the U palace without further encounters.