Topazsworn 2 – Gachka’s ambush

A Solo RPG campaign based on:

  • Ironsworn / Starforged (the Kickstarter preview) – though Starforged has a sci-fi setting, it significantly improves the original Ironsworn, in particular for its handling of explorations.
  • Yoon-Suin the purple land: a fantasy sandbox setting with an Eastern feel; it mixes pre-made locations with a number of random tables.
  • Scarlet Heroes random tables: I am mostly using these to replace sci-fi oriented tables from Starforged. This game also has an Oriental flavour, so it fits well with Yoon-Suin.

I am recording everything on paper and I will only post short summaries from time to time. More details and previous events can be found in this Google docs folder.

. . .

Uljut’s accusation and duel with Daruko

[Oracle for the next vow: I swear to COMMUNICATE and INNOCENCE. I am opposed by ULJUT, a MAD VISIONARY PREACHER who wants to SEIZE POWER]

The next day, a herald from the Seventeen calls at the U palace. He announces that Uljut, a priest of the elephant sex god Laktun, accuses Fihame of having stolen a steel star amulet from the Laktun shrine. Uljut is popular among slug-man nobles and the accusation must be tested by combat against Uljut’s champion Daruko.

Naleka swears a dangerous Topaz Vow to defeat Daruko and free Fihame of the accusation.

Uljut and Daruko

The combat is fought with daggers. Naleka invokes Qama and soon gains an advantage. She is hit once by Daruko, but she dominates the fight and finally grounds the enemy and points a dagger at his throat. Daruko is forced to yield. (the vow is fulfilled)

Gachka’s ambush

Naleka has time to rest and fully recover.
Fihame asks her to find out what Uljut knows about the steel star. She swears a (formidable) Topaz Vow to do so. (0,0 Miss and Match)

[I need a complication – from Scarlet Heroes Plots: An Antagonist seeks the assassinaiton of a Target (Fihame)]

Fihame and Naleka are returning home after dusk from a public meeting at the League of the Road. A crossbow bolt nearly misses Fihame. They safely reach the palace.
Naleka swears a [dangerous] vow to find the instigator of the attack.

From the bolt, she deduces that the attacker is likely connected with the criminal world. Palasha gives her the address of her student Vyota, who she believes now works for criminals. Vyota is unwilling to cooperate, but Naleka follows her and sees her talking with Gachka, a fighter that Naleka and Fihame have seen performing at the Holy Blood fighting club. Naleka ambushes Gachka and has her confess everything: she herself shot the bolt, as ordered by the owner of the Holy Blood Tareng, who in turn was paid by Upnik.
The instigator of the attack was Upnik, a young slug-man and a clever and connected astronomer. [vow fulfilled]