Esposito ’44 – Le Mystère de Chalendun set-up and e01 (1 July)

I recently received the solo/cooperative wargame Warfighter WW2 by DVG. I decided to re-skin my Esposito ’44 campaign, replacing Memoir 44 with this squad-level game, that will keep me more focussed on my characters. Also, I thought I want to try the simple Clues in Solo Mysteries and Horror tool by Gerard Nerval. I will use the Game Master’s Apprentice (GMA) deck for inspiration.

I keep the previously defined characters, promoting McRay to Sergeant. I assigned each  character to a Warfighter soldier:

Private Johnny Esposito – Egoistic [Warfighter Squad-Soldier Taylor]
Sergeant Edward Mc Ray – Righteous [Warfighter Player-Soldier McDougall]
Private Theodore Young – Idealistic [Warfighter Player-Soldier Kasinski]

I add the company commander:
Captain Isaac Blum – Pragmatic


But let’s hear what Esposito has to say:

We are approaching the village of Chalendun. We have heard rumours that there is something of vital importance in or near the village, but there are wildly different opinions about what it is. Honestly, I don’t care: whatever it is, I hope it will not get me killed.

“Clues in solo mysteries” requires to define four possible solutions for the investigation. Each option will receive votes during play. When one of the options reaches a number of ten, the mystery is solved.
I picked these options:

  • A Secret Weapon
  • A Dissident Scientist
  • Some Hidden Treasure
  • An Important Prisoner

I will find a clue each time a German Vehicle or Officer is defeated, as well as for every successful mission. In no mission more than 2 clues can be found.

Our squad has been charged to move forward and take a small bridge, not far from where we are: the Captain says we must keep our eyes open and report anything strange we may find. And we go, McRay leading, followed by Young, the machine-gunner Scanlan and myself. We climb down a steep slope, where we find some opposition that disappears thanks to Scanlan’s fire. We reach some thick hedge rows and we know we are now close to the bridge, but first we meet a large truck, protected by a fair number of Jerries. Mac and Young put their grenades to good use, but I personally shot down the driver of the truck.

I generate a hint using the GMA deck – Belongings: tools, plasma welder. Location: supply depot

Young had a look inside the truck and he said it was loaded with tools, among which a couple of brand new plasma welders; from the labels on the crates, they were directed to a supply depot East of Chalendun.
But then we are attacked again by more Germans. For a moment, we thought Young had been hit, but it turned out to be just a scratch. Mac moves forward until he is in sight of the bridge, but he find it well protected by a whole platoon led by an Officer. We are forced to retreat.


The tools in the truck might hint to a laboratory for building a secret weapon (+2) or, less likely, to a scientist or securing a treasure (+1 each).


  • A Secret Weapon [2]
  • A Dissident Scientist [0]
  • Some Hidden Treasure [1]
  • An Important Prisoner [1]