02 – Superheroes in New Argos: enter the Tigerman and the Hammerer

Egon “the Foreteller” and Renart “the Roaster” has been hired by Camille Dubois to investigate the strange behavior of her fiance Richard Robertson. Egon’s precog powers foretell a future attack by a Tigerman.

Rupert goes home to get some rest, leaving Egon alone in front of Richard’s house. Later, Richard comes out of the build and he is immediately attacked by the Tigerman, who comes flying from the sky. The Tigerman tries to grab Richard and carry him away flying. Egon immediately attacks with the superpower of his walking stick, giving Richard the possibility of running away. The Tigerman almost manages to reach Richard, but just then a robotic Beta-Cop comes out from an underground conduit and joins the fight.


The Beta-Cop and Egon put the Tigerman out of combat. The villain is taken into custody by the police. Richard thanks Egon for his help Egon asks if he knows the reasons behind the Tigerman’s attack, but Richard has no idea.

Egon and Renart keep Richard’s house under constant control. A couple of days later, four Beta-Cops enter the build and come out bringing Richard with them.


The group is attacked by the Hammerer: a massive superhero or supervillain that appears out of nowhere.


While the Hammerer fight the cops, Richard runs away. Egon joins the fight against the Hammerer while Renart follows Richard. The Hammerer puts all the cops and Egon out of combat.


He then runs for Richard and Renart and manages to reach them. He then hits the ground with his hammer, screaming a few words in a mysterious language.


A wind storm breaks out: the wind concentrates around Renart and our hero looses consciousness. When Renart comes back, Richard and the Hammerer have disappeared.


  • What his behind Richard’s strange behavior noticed by Camille?
  • Where did the Tigerman intend to take Richard?
  • Is the Hammerer related with the Tigerman?
  • Where is Richard now?