Amara of Whitebridge 7 – Redhall

[An Ironsworn adventure in the Ironlands. I have played these fights with the Song of Blades and Heroes ruleset by Ganesha Games. Larger battles are played with the Ancient One Hour Wargames rules by Neil Thomas] Main character: Amara Edge:+1 Heart:+3 Iron:+2 Shadow:+2 Wits:+1 Health:3 Spirit:2 Supply:1 Momentum:7 Place Whitebrige – a riverside village NW Haven (near the center of the […]

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Sicily 1943 Session:1 – 10 July 1943

This is a plastic soldiers game: please don’t expect historical accuracy. (Map from The Liberation Trilogy) First session of my Valor&Victory / Ironsworn wargame/RPG mashup. Our heroes are the leaders of an American infantry platoon: Lt.Plutarcus “Pluto” Brown, Sgt.Antony “Tony” Russo and Sgt.Edward “Eddy” O’Dorley h:6 AM: The heroes land on one of the best defended […]

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Ybeena campaign set-up

[Following the advice I received on the Lone Wolf Roleplaying G+ group, here is the set up for my next THW Chain Reaction games] After his success in the Zurqana campaign, Sgt. Claude is moved to a robotized Green platoon fighting against the alien occupation of the town of Ybeena. In this area, the Blue […]

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