Tomb Of the Serpent / Double Tap – 5

First sessions of Tomb of the Serpent Chapter 2: Dark Truths. It takes place in a house, with a Serpent Relic hidden in one of five possible places. I used again the free One Page Rules – Double Tap rules.

I had a first go using the Imperial soldiers against the Cultists. The Soldiers won and gained the Hyksos Key: an artifact to be used in Chapter 3.


The second go on the same map had Tejua’s Rebels facing four Faceless Cultists (with “Piercing” power shots). Tejua and the Rebels enter from the South.

Rounds 1-3: During the first three Rounds, no shooting was allowed. Both sides fail the Quality Check needed to solve Targets. One of the Cultists (marked MC2) passes his QC, only to find that the Target was a red herring.


Round 4: the fight starts. Tejua is attacked in melee and kills the attacker. A cultist shots down Rangol but is killed by Tejua when she activates. The cultists find a second Red Herring.

Round 5: the two rebels Valj and Zogral keep failing their checks on the Target in the South room.


Round 6: Valj finally passes his Check and finds the Major Target! Tejua’s tiger kills the last Cultist.


This was brilliant victory for the Rebels, who snatch the Ring of the Pharaoh’s from the hands of the Serpent Cultists!

Tomb Of the Serpent / Double Tap – 4

Last scenario of Tomb of the Serpent Chapter 1: The Evil Below. It takes place in a cemetery, with the Serpent Relic in the hands of a magic statue (blue marker) that moves to a new pedestal (yellow markers) at every turn. I used again the One Page Rules – Double Tap rules.


It was the last chance for Princess Tejua to gain one of the relics, but she failed again. The Serpent Priest leading the Cultists was quite strong: Q:3+ and a 4 dice spell to be used both in Melee and Ranged combat. But the real problem was that it was difficult to get near the statue to gain control of the relic. Some of the Rebels had a chance, but rolling two success with Q:5+ required a good deal of fortune, which they didn’t have.

Before the end of Turn 6, all the Rebels were down. It was a real massacre! The cultist collect their third relic (the Ankh of Warding). The Imperials soldier have a relic (the Wings of Celerity – conquered in game 2) and the Rebels none. But it seems that the Rebels will have a chance to steal a relic from the cultists in Chapter 2….




Tomb Of the Serpent / Double Tap – 3

Third scenario of my hybrid Pulp Alley Tomb of the Serpent / OPR DoubleTap: The Haunted Hall. Princess Tejua. her pet Tiger and three other rebels enter the house in search of a Relic of the Serpent goad. The five yellow pebbles are the possible locations of the relics. The four purple pebbles are the points from which 2 cultists will enter at the beginning of each round.


Round 1: It starts with a powerful Serpent Priest and a Faceless Cultist in the bottom left corner. The rebels spread in different directions.

Rounds 2-3: Zagral kills one of the cultists, but Joo and Valj go down too. Tejua is isolated in the Northern room. The cultists multiply and one of them finds the secret door that gives access to the relic in the North-West room.

The Tiger fights fiercely and eliminates an undead Risen Priest, but it is then put down by the Serpent priest. Only Zagral and Tejua are still in play.

Round 4: The forces of the cultists are too overwhelming and the last two Rebels go down. The cultists retrieve the Ring of Pharahos.