“Scrolling” sci-fi miniature games

I am considering adding some “horizontal-scrolling” to my solo RPG / skirmish games. The inspiration is the genial game “Science vs Pluck” by Howard Whitehouse. I think I first read about it on the story-games forum. Whitehouse wrote: Approach the ‘hardware’ aspects of wargaming with a flexible attitude. Think of the game table less as […]

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The Papyria Arena – 1

I am starting a small and gruesome campaign based on the simple free gladiator game Munera Sine Missione by Gary Comardo, Victor Jarmusz, Alan Saunders. I will be using v2.3 version as edited by Yokiboy and available on boardgamegeek. The campaign is set in the Egyptian town of Papyria, that hosted a few of my skirmish games […]

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