Ephraim, Pierre and Calaf

These will be the protagonists of my SGAM skirmish games. I rolled minimal traits and relationships using the FiveCore system and draw a sketch of the three guys. In play, they will be represented my simple 10mm minis. The stats and abilities are from WarStuff 2.

Sergeant Ephraim (“efficient” – brother in arms with Soldier Pierre)
Q:5+, Fast, Healer, Shooter Short (pistol)

Soldier Pierre (“aggressive”)
Q:5+, Shooter Medium (assault rifle)

Soldier Calaf  (“courteous” – his relationship with Ephraim and Pierre is “professional”)
Q:5+, Shooter Medium (SMG)

Ephraim, Pierre and Calaf

My plan is to add to the squad one or two robots. The heroes will be “Earthlings” fighting the “Gaters” in the Weirdgate88 universe:

“1988: hypergates appear in different places of the Earth. The gates lead to what apparently is a different version of our planet in which elements of the present world mix with elements from the remote past and from what possibly is a remote future. From the hyperplanet, invading armies, dinosaurs and giant golems attack our world. The governments of the Earth send SWAT squads through the gates: their task is to explore the hostile planet on the other side and hopefully find a way to shut the hypergates and stop the invasion”.

Warstuff 2: escape from the large beasts

I played another Warstuff 2 skirmish. This was an “escort” scenario. The Good Guys must escort the white paper character (a scientist) across the gaming area.


The Good Guys (155 pts)

Black Robot (40 pts)
Q:4+ Large, Deadly, Armored

Green Robot (40 pts)
Q:4+ Large, Deadly, Shooter Long

Sergeant (30 pts)
Q:5+ Fast, Healer, Shooter Short

Soldiers (20 pts X 2)
Q:5+ Shooter Medium

Scientist (5 pts) Q:6+

The Beasts (150 pts)
Triceratops (50 pts)
Q:3+ Large, Deadly, Regenerate

Crested Dinosaur (50 pts)
Q:3+ Large, Deadly, Regenerate

Giant Bird (50 pts)
Q:3+ Large, Fly, Regenerate


Round 1: the soldiers move forward, towards the left side.


Round 2: the soldiers are charger by the Crested Dino, but they dodge the attack. The Green Bot survives the attack of the Giant Bird. The Black Bot and the Triceratops engage a fight on the left side.


Round 3: The scientist is attacked by the Giant Bird; he is so lucky that he doesn’t even take a wound! On the left, the Black Robot is saved by its Armor.


Round 4: The Green Bot stuns the Giant Bird. The Crested Dino kills the Sergeant. The soldiers and the scientist find an escape route on the right side.

Round 5: The Black Bot stuns the Triceratops. The Giant Bird stuns one of the soldiers, but the scientist is now out of reach: the Good Guys win! The Green Bot stuns the Crested Dino. Three stunned units in one round: very interesting situation!


Round 6: the Green Bot shoots and kills the stunned Crested Dino. The Triceratops recovers from being stunned, it is attacked by the black bot, survives the attack, strikes back and kills the Bot! Similarly, the stunned soldier recovers, he is attacked by the Giant Bird and manages to kill it!

In the end, both sides have lost 2 units, but the Good Guys have achieved their goal and have lost less unit points: a clear victory for them!

Warstuff: scouting with golems

I played a WarStuff 2.1 game, which turned out to be one of the best skirmishes I remember. This time, I tried a different scenario (from Nordic Weasel Games Five Parsecs from Home): the gray soldier must “scout” the three vehicles. They must come in contact with each vehicle.


Soldiers (150 pts)
Ordinary Soldier (20 pts x 3)
Q:5+ Shooter:Medium

Marine (30 pts x 2)
Q:5+ Shooter:Medium Fast Stealthy

Sniper (30 pts)
Q:4+ Shooter:Long
Golems (150 pts)
Rock Golem (30 pts)
Q:3+ Large, Armored, Slow

Blue Golem (25 pts)
Q:3+ Large, Fast

Winged Golem (45 pts)
Q:3+ Large, Wizard, Fly

Green Jelly Golem (50 pts)
Q:3+ Large, Tough


Round 1: the Marines run towards the two cars on the right


Round 2: A Marine reaches the green car. The fast Blue Golem charges the soldiers: he stuns one of them, but is killed by another soldier.

Round 3: the Winged Golem stuns one of the two Marines. The other Marine reaches the blue car: the soldiers have achieved two of their three objectives. The Tough Jelly Golem takes a wound.


Round 4: The Winged Golem casts a fireball spell and kills one of the Marines; he then kills the Marine he had stunned in the previous round. The Jelly Golem receives his second wound. Two of the soldiers run along the building towards the third objective (the bus).


Round 5: One of the soldiers reaches the bus: mission accomplished! He is immediately attacked by the Rock Golem, but he is only pushed back. The Jelly Golem kills the other soldier who had run towards the bus. The soldiers are now down to half their number. They pass the rout test.


Round 6: The Rock Golem kills the soldier who had reached the bus.

A tight victory for the soldiers: they have reached their objective, but they have lost units for 100 pts. The Golems have only lost their weakest unit (25 pts).

Warstuff Mark I & II

I ran a simple battle in order to get a better feel of the differences between One Page Rules WarStuff version 1.7 and WarStuff v2.0.

The forces were the following:

VERSION 1.7 (100 pts per side)


Running Soldiers X 2 (35 pts)
Q2 20
fast 10
shooter short 5

Sniper (30 pts)
Q2 20
shooter medium 10

Green Robot with rockets (50 pts)
Q3 30
shooter long 15
large 5

Red/Black Robot (50 pts)
Q3 30
regeneration 15
large 5

VERSION 2.0 (90 pts per side)


Running Soldiers X 2 (30 pts)
Q3+ 20
fast 5
shooter short 5

Sniper (30 pts)
Q3+ 20
shooter medium 10


Green Robot with rockets (50 pts)
Q3+ 20
shooter long 15
armored 15
large 0

Red/Black Robot (40 pts)
Q3+ 20
regeneration 20
large 0


V2.0 units are less expensive: for 150 points it is possible to get more units than in V1.7. I decided to go for a similar point total in the two versions, so I got more powerful units in V2.0: the Soldiers receive top quality and the Green Robot receives an additional Armored special. Alternatively, I could have reduced the point total from 100 to 75 points, possibly obtaining a more comparable set-up.

The scenario is very simple: the two teams enter from the opposite sides of the field, which is mostly empty.



Round 1: All figures move forward. The sniper takes cover.


Round 2: The Green Robot is wounded by the sniper. The Red/Black Robot is killed by a shot from one of the Running Soldiers (and it fails its regeneration roll).


Round 3: The Green Robot kills a Running Soldiers but receives a second wound by the sniper. In this case, the Robot was very lucky, since it only had 1 probability in 6 of surviving a hit. The game could very well have been over after only 3 Rounds.


Round 4: Shots are exchanged, to no effect.

Round 5: The Green Robot charges and kills the second Running Soldier. The Sniper kills the Green Robot.


It was a marginal victory for the soldiers, with only the Sniper surviving.




Round 1: All figures move forward.

Round 2: The Red/Black Robot is stunned by a shot from one of the soldiers.


Round 3: the Red/Black Robot recovers from being stunned (it was lucky that the other soldier did not have a chance to activate and kill it before it recovered). The Green Robot shoots from long distance and stuns the sniper (cover roll failed).


Round 4: The sniper recovers, but he is immediately stunned again by the charge of the Red/Black Robot. The two Running Soldiers, thanks to their Fast special, reach the Red/Black Robot which is first stunned and then killed in melee.


Round 5: The Green Robot has to face the three enemies alone. It receives two hits, both absorbed by the Armored special.


Round 6: All shoot, but all attacks fail or are blocked.


Round 7: The Armor of the Robot absorbed another hit, but finally a lucky combination of rolls by the Sniper put it down.


This was a full victory for the soldiers, who all survived the battle. The turning point was at Round 3 and 4, when the Sniper was almost killed but managed to recover from two consecutive “stuns”, while the Red/Black Robot was destroyed by the combined action of the two Running Soldiers.



  • Version 2 allows for larger battles than Version 1: for the same point total, you get more units or more powerful units.
  • Version 2 is less deadly than Version 1. This factor, combined with the point above, will give longer battles.
  • According to the rules, in Version 2 the game should end after Round 4: I think that in most cases in 4 Rounds only two or three units will be killed. It seems very unlikely to me that Routing because a side is down to half its original size can take place in only 4 Rounds.
  • Version 2 introduces the important novelty that a unit attacked in melee can immediately strike back. This rule had no effect in the test game above, but I think it helps making melee feel different from shooting.
  • This is marginal, but I think Version 2 improves things by assigning a null cost to the Large Special (which costs 5 points in Version 1). In the presence of several shooting units (as in the scenario I played) Large units receive a disadvantage multiple times in each round (for every shot they receive).

Version 2 seems to me more suited for structured scenarios, with asymmetric sides and different objectives. Possibly, a simple “kill-em-all” scenario would be more fun in Version 1, but this is not what I am looking for at the moment.