Ephraim, Pierre and Calaf

These will be the protagonists of my SGAM skirmish games. I rolled minimal traits and relationships using the FiveCore system and draw a sketch of the three guys. In play, they will be represented my simple 10mm minis. The stats and abilities are from WarStuff 2. Sergeant Ephraim (“efficient” – brother in arms with Soldier […]

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Warstuff: scouting with golems

I played a WarStuff 2.1 game, which turned out to be one of the best skirmishes I remember. This time, I tried a different scenario (from Nordic Weasel Games Five Parsecs from Home): the gray soldier must “scout” the three vehicles. They must come in contact with each vehicle. Soldiers (150 pts) Ordinary Soldier (20 […]

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Warstuff Mark I & II

I ran a simple battle in order to get a better feel of the differences between One Page Rules WarStuff version 1.7 and WarStuff v2.0. The forces were the following: VERSION 1.7 (100 pts per side) Soldiers: Running Soldiers X 2 (35 pts) Q2 20 fast 10 shooter short 5 Sniper (30 pts) Q2 20 shooter […]

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