Goldsworn 5 – The Corrupted Palace of Jean De Gamurre

[An Ironsworn pirate adventure set in the fictional Islas Nuevas archipelago]

Previous Events: The Danish captain Haf Moriensen arrives to the Roca Larga island from Europe on his ship, the Rebis. His goal is finding an Atlantean source of occult power hidden somewhere in the archipelago. Haf’s younger sister Miranda and part of the crew disappear from the ship. The Captain swears a vow to find Miranda. The girl has been imprisoned by Sir Alban Kinry, the English governor of the island: he will free her after the Rebis has secretly taken him to a nearby island and back. Haf agrees and the Rebis sails towards Isla de la Fuente. They are attacked by English pirates, but the Danish win the fight and capture their ship. Haf finds among the loot an alchemical book related with his mystical quest. When they reach Isla de la Fuente, Haf accepts to help Kirby recover his baby son Hermes from the palace of the French governor Jean De Gamurre.

Main character: Captain Haf Moriensen
Edge:+1 Heart:+1 Iron:+2 Shadows:+3 Wits:+2
Health:5 Spirit:3 Supply:3 Momentum:6
Path – WATERBORN Gather Information, Face Danger and Secure an Advantage at +1 when using water-related knowledge and skills.
Ritual – DIVINATION Gather Information by a blood-form of bibliomancy.
Custom – BATTLESHIP Mighty: Strike and Clash at +1 and to +1 harm in naval combat. Ship Health: 5
Miranda (Haf’s sister) [oracle: a young and kind bandit, i.e. pirate]
Ithela (quartermaster of the Rebis) – an African warrior fond of bone amulets [oracle: a Dangerous and Artistic Hunter]
Morien (Haf’s father) a Danish occultist and merchant [oracle: Confident and Adventurous]
Other NPCs
Sir Alban Kinry – the jealous and stubborn English governor of Roca Larga
Brian Reese – an English pirate defeated by the Rebis

Background Vow: – Epic. Seize an Atlantean source of occult power that must be hidden somewhere in the Islas Nuevas. Progress: 0.25
Dangerous Vow: Find Miranda. Progress: 4


Haf uses his Divination skill to perform a blood ritual with Kinry: they want to know more of where the baby Hermes is.

Challenge:2,2 Action:2+1 Heart STRONG HIT and MATCH
Haf’s bibliomancy book shows a skull with a hour-glass: they are running out of time. They must act tonight. The skull in the engraving says that the baby is in the palace of the governor Jean De Gamurre, but it is guarded by the powerful sorcerer Father Solanas and his acolytes.

[This will be a Formidable Delve into a Corrupted Stronghold; in order to simulate the sense of urgency due to the divination response, I decide they will have to roll for their objective as soon as Progress=7; also, I will mostly use Edge in Delve moves]

At night, Haf, Ithela and Kinry reach the palace. A side entrance is guarded by a single man who is easily dispatched. They pick the lock and enter the building.

*1* DELVE C:2,9 A: 6+3Shadow=9 WEAK HIT Progress:1
They enter a storage room, but a second guard is in there!

The guard is well awake: he runs out of the room giving the alarm. It doesn’t start well….

*2* DELVE C:6,8 A:1+1 Edge MISS
They enter a long corridor. A cleric in a purple robe stops their way.

BATTLE C:6,7 A:1+2Iron MISS
The cleric casts an invisible knife and hits Haf (Health -2, now 3). Ithela kills the cleric.

*3* DELVE C:4,5 A:4+1Edge=5 WEAK HIT Progress: 2
Another storage room.

*4* DELVE C:2,5 A:6+1=7 Progress=3 STRONG HIT Progress:3
Opportunity: they gain some insight about the place.
The room is dominated by the large statue of a native toad divinity. In the room, they find several purple robes similar to what the cleric was wearing. They will try to use them as a disguise.

*5* DELVE C:1,8 A3+3Shadow WEAK HIT Progress:4
Danger: they are caught in the open by a second cleric
Is the cleric fooled by the purple robes they are wearing? [50/50] YES
They move forward without speaking

*6* DELVE C:5,7 A:1+1Edge MISS
Another corridor. A servant armed with a sword.

Ithela is wounded!

*7* DELVE C:1,8 A*6+1 WEAK HIT
Double Progress, now 5
Danger: they are attacked by a Thrall!

Battle: 3,7 A:3+2Iron WEAK HIT
Haf is wounded in the fight (Health now 1)

*8* DELVE C;8,10 A:1+1 MISS
Another mystic chapel with the statue of a chihuahua god
Danger: your way is blocked
The door shuts close. They waste time to unlock it.
I will roll for the objective when Progress=6

*9* DELVE C;4,7 A:5+1Edge WEAK HIT
Progress: 6

They have found the baby, but Father Solanas also is in this bedroom.

Before vanishing in a cloud of black smoke, Solanas touches and kills one of the characters.
Ithena or Kinry? [50/50] Kinry is killed!

They ESCAPE retracing their steps.
C: 7,9 A:4+2Wits MISS
They are confronted by another Thrall: Ithena is also killed!

Haf leaves the palace and runs towards his ship, holding the crying Hermes in his arms.
I mark Progress:2 on the Vow to free Miranda. But Kinry’s death will have consequences….

Having witnessed the magics of Solanas also contributes to Haf’s Epic Background Vow of investigating the mysterious source of occult power in the Argipelago (Progress now 0.5).


Current situation:
Health:1 Spirit:3 Supply:3 Momentum:6
“Health” of the Rebis: 5
Epic Background Vow: (source of occult power) Progress:0.5
Dangerous Vow (free Miranda) Progress:6