Chasing Superlizard

I have played a new game with a modified version of the Simple Super Hero rules by Jones and Moore. Some of the things I have changed: attacks are a single opposed roll Damage vs Block – if the attack is not blocked, the target loses 1 HP I have drastically reduced the number of […]

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Another Simple Super Hero skirmish…

I have played a new Super-Hero game with a modified (mostly simplified) version of the Simple Super Hero Tabletop Rules by Jones and Moore. Some of the changes are based on a GooglePlus discussion with neuzd. The characters were: Puck (Strong,Mutant) Movement: L+1 Attack: H+1 Tech Block: L Mutant Block: H-1 Northstar (Agile, Tech) Movement: H+1 Attack: L […]

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Simple Super Hero Tabletop Rules

I have tried a minimalist rule-set for superhero miniature skirmishes: the Simple Super Hero Tabletop Rules by Peter Jones (v.1.1 2010). These rules were inspired by Hi-Lo Heroes by Jeff Moore. Each hero has 6 abilities (Move, Attack, Evade, Damage, Block “ordinary” damage, Block “fantastic/super” damage): he rolls 2d6 with advantage (i.e. picking the High […]

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