A Grail Epoch solo

Today I played a simple solo story telling game, largely based on A Grail Epoch by Rafael Chandler. I used the medieval paper minis I recently created. I had to somehow modify Rafael’s game in order to make it more solo-friendly: here you can find the rules I used (which I provisionally named “A Solo Grail”). […]

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Human Figure Dice

Thanks to an interesting G+ post by Ovy Ortega, I started thinking of “human body” dice. I am sure this ideas is not new, but I had a take on it with the design illustrated by this quick and dirty prototype: The most obvious way to map a human body to a die would be […]

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SGAM2016 – Weirdgate88 Quest

I used the simple conflict generator in RND issue 3 to sketch a campaign for my SGAM skirmish games. I first drew a couple of tarot cards to represent the goal and the enemy, and I got a 10 of pentacles and the Major Arcane XIV: Art.   10 active hypergates put the hyperworld in […]

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