Leonidovo 1943 – September 2, towards the Desna River

Set up and other episodes

The main objective is #1, the building on the left.

Katya’s account of the day:

We advance towards the Desna River. Our platoon is ordered to capture a farm occupied by the Germans. We deploy at the other side of a low hill near the farm. Lada leads us to the top of the hill and sends a squad towards another farm on our left: from the top of the hill, we see our comrades killed in a hand-to-hand fight with the enemy. We are under the fire of a machine gun and Pavel briefly panics but he then recomposes himself. Lada is not discouraged and leads us forward; while we carefully advance though the hedge, the Germans barricade inside the building, but we do not stop and attack them before they can organize an ambush. We win the day without other losses.

The final assault

After the battle – based on a simple system I am working on (provisional title: Breakdown).

Pavel’s doubt increases +1 (now 3).

I roll for a scene with three characters: Lada, Nikolay and Pavel.

There was no breakdown, so doubt decreases: Lada (2), Nikolay (1), Pavel (2).

I improve the relationships between the three characters.

Prompt: 6 Handling Prisoners

After the battle, Lada, Nikolay and Pavel secured two Germans that we captured inside the farm. After they were tied up, Pavel hit one of them and Nikolay seemed ready to join him in doing so, but Lada stopped them and said the Commissar in person was coming for the prisoners and we should risk no trouble with him.

I rolled 5 on the D6 for advancement: the next battle will be three squares towards Leonidovo.