Goldsworn 6 – Kinry’s Daughter

[An Ironsworn pirate adventure set in the fictional Islas Nuevas archipelago]

Previous Events: The Danish captain Haf Moriensen arrives at the Roca Larga island from Europe on his ship, the Rebis. He is in search ofthe Atlantean source of occult power hidden in the archipelago. Haf’s younger sister Miranda disappears from the ship and he swears a vow to find her. She has been imprisoned by Sir Alban Kinry, the English governor of the island: he will free her if Haf helps him recover his baby-son Hermes from the palace of Jean De Gamurre, the French governor of Isla de la Fuente. Haf agrees and the Rebis sails towards the island. During the journey, the Danish capture an English ship where Haf finds an alchemical book related with his mystical quest. Haf’s quartermaster Ithela and Kinry are killed inside De Gamurre’s palace by the sorcery of Father Solanas, an ally of the Frenchman, but Haf manages to rescue Hermes.

Main character: Captain Haf Moriensen
Edge:+1 Heart:+1 Iron:+2 Shadows:+3 Wits:+2
Health:1 Spirit:3 Supply:3 Momentum:6
Path – WATERBORN Gather Information, Face Danger and Secure an Advantage at +1 when using water-related knowledge and skills.
Ritual – DIVINATION Gather Information by a blood-form of bibliomancy.
Custom – BATTLESHIP Mighty: Strike and Clash at +1 and to +1 harm in naval combat. Ship Health: 5
Miranda (Haf’s sister) [oracle: a young and kind bandit, i.e. pirate]
Ithela (quartermaster of the Rebis) – an African warrior fond of bone amulets [oracle: a Dangerous and Artistic Hunter] (Dead)
The crew of Haf’s ship the Rebis
Other NPCs
Sir Alban Kinry – the jealous and stubborn English governor of Roca Larga
Brian Reese – an English pirate whose ship was captured by the Rebis

Background Vow: – Epic. Seize an Atlantean source of occult power that must be hidden somewhere in the Islas Nuevas. Progress: 0.5
Dangerous Vow: Find Miranda. Progress: 6


As soon as Haf reaches the Rebis, the ship set sails towards Roca Larga.

The journey back is uneventful and Haf has a chance to recover:

SOJOURN A:1,9 c:6+1H+1Bond WEAK HIT

+2 Health (now 3) +2 Spirit (now 5)

The crew of the Rebis elects a new quartermaster to replace Ithela.

Male / Female? [50/50] Male

Is he Danish? [50%] NO

Oracle: skilled healer

Talu’s origin is unknown: some say he is from Africa, others say he comes from India. He is regarded as wise and prudent, keen to avoid a fight when possible. He also is a great healer.


I decide that Kinry had a relative in Roca Larga.

Sibling or Offspring? [50/50] Offspring

Oracle: Artistic Herder

Althea is Lord Kinry’s daughter. She is an avid collector of works of art, both European and native creations.

Haf meets Althea and tells her of the fate of her father. She presents her baby-brother Hermes. He tries to convince her to free Miranda, since he has fulfilled his vow to take away Hermes.

COMPEL A:3,10 C:5+1Heart WEAK HIT

(+2 Progress on the Free Miranda vow: now 8)

FULFIL VOW A:2,9 vs 8 WEAK HIT (+1 Experience)

Althea accepts to free Miranda, but she asks something in return.

Oracle (goal): Undermine a Relationship

She plans to conquer Isla de la Fuente and kill De Gamurre in revenge of her father. She explains that Father Solanas is the Superior of the Holy Order of the Black Cross. Haf will have to assault the headquarters of the Order, so that Solanas will be forced to leave Isla de la Fuente and will not be able to help De Gamurre in the fight.

Haf accepts and swears a vow to attack the headquarters of the order long enough to force Solanas to leave De Gamurre.


A:8,2 C:1+1Heart MISS

There’s a major complication: the location of the headquarters is a mystery. Father Van Glain, a member of the order, is visiting the St. Euphemia Hermitage in Roca Larga. As a first step, it will be necessary to Delve into the Hermitage and find information about the whereabouts of the headquarters.

Current situation:
Health:3 Spirit:5 Supply:3 Momentum:6 Experience:1
“Health” of the Rebis: 5


  • Epic Background Vow: (source of occult power) Progress:0.5
  • Formidable Vow: attack the Headquarters of the Holy Order of the Black Cross; Progress:0
  • Formidable Delve: St. Euphemia Hermitage; Progress:0
  • Dangerous Vow (free Miranda) Fulfilled