Valor & Victory in Montagna – 5 – Twin Objectives


[Fifth AAR of my solo games with the free Valor and Victory wargame. I play using Memoir 44 tiles for terrain and basic plastic army men. Battles are based on One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas. Valor & Victory represents leaders as individual figures; in my games, one or two blue pebbles mark -2 (strong) and -1 (ordinary) leaders. Ordinary soldiers actually represent small squads of men. I use crouching figures for “reduced” (i.e. damaged) units. The game system is based on 2d6, one has to roll lower than a target number depending on the specific situation. A number of interesting details are included: e.g. various support weapons, armed and unarmed vehicles, snipers etc.]

Previous Events: A group of partisans [green army] has created a free republic in Northern Italy: the Republic of Montagna. The Fascist government army [grey] runs a successful attack (1:Sector J), capturing the partisan leader Arturo: the fascists cross the Grigio river and inflict a second defeat to the partisans (2:Sector I). The partisan leader Leo is also captured, but partisan commander Carla escapes. (3) Carla leads the partisans in the successful defence of the bridge in Sector C. The partisans counter attack: they ambush a contingent of enemies (4:Sector G), capturing enough fascists to be able to trade them for the freedom of Arturo and Leo: Carla earns a Valor badge.

An allied plane has parachuted weapons and ammunitions for the partisans, but the launch has landed in Sector I. Someone must have alerted the Fascists, because, when the partisans reach the area, some of the crates have already been moved to a nearby building and government soldiers are patrolling a hill for more weapons.
The partisans must occupy both the hill and the building, which initially are both under the control of fascist soldiers. The hill counts as light cover.
[Based on One Hour Wargames Scenario 21: Twin Objectives]

OOB: Partisans: 12 units, including the three leaders Carla [-2, i.e. strong], Dimitri and Leo [-1, regular]. No support weapons.
Fascists, 6 units, including one regular leader [-1]. A Satchel Charge and Light Machine Gun.


Turn 1: the fascists are deployed in three groups: on the hill at the North and in the wood and building at the East. The dark cubes represent the scenario’s objectives. Leo remains stationary, firing against the unit on the hill with no effect. The other partisans advance towards the building.


Turn 2: Leo climbs the hill, taking fire [one unit reduced]. Dimitri is attacked by a fascist sniper, hiding in the shrubs at his back [Dimitri has rolled a 12 while firing].


Leo assaults the single unit on the hill. The defender uses the Satchel Charge, but it’s not enough to win the engagement. The first of the two objectives is conquered.


Dimitri assaults the building, but he is pushed back. He has lost one of its two units. The fascists in the building also take considerable damage.


Turn 3: fire from Carla and the three green soldiers at the center of the board eliminate the fascist units in the woods. Dimitri tries a second attack and this time he is successful, securing the second objective.


[The partisans were quite lucky this time: first, they roll a consistently superior initial force; second (my bad) I should have concentrated the enemies in only two locations – the two in the woods were a poor choice. Again, a great asymmetric scenario by Neil Thomas]


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