Valor & Victory in Montagna – 4 – A partisan ambush

[Fourth AAR of my solo games with the free Valor and Victory wargame. I play using Memoir 44 tiles for terrain and basic plastic army men. Battles are based on One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas. Valor & Victory represents leaders as individual figures; in my games, one or two blue pebbles mark -2 (strong) and -1 (ordinary) leaders. Ordinary soldiers actually represent small squads of men. I use crouching figures for “reduced” (i.e. damaged) units. The game system is based on 2d6, one has to roll lower than a target number depending on the specific situation. A number of interesting details are included: e.g. various support weapons, armed and unarmed vehicles, snipers etc.]


Previous Events: A group of partisans [green army] has created a free republic in Northern Italy: the Republic of Montagna. The Fascist government army [grey] has run a first successful attack (1:Sector J), capturing the partisan leader Arturo: they crossed the Grigio river and inflicted a second defeat to the partisans (2:Sector I). The partisan leader Leo is also captured, but partisan commander Carla escapes. (3) Carla leads the partisans in the successful defence of the bridge in Sector C.

The partisans have set up an ambush in Sector G, with the objective of capturing a few enemies, to trade for their imprisoned comrades. A small group of partisans has installed in a small, well built stone building, being careful to let their presence be noticed by the fascists. When the government soldiers attack, a Heavy Machine Gun enters in action from inside the building, and the Partisan leaders Carla and Dimitri attack from the nearby wood.
The Fascists are taken by surprise and cannot act during turn 1.
[Based on One Hour Wargames Scenario 22: Ambush]

OOB: Partisans: 8 units, including the two leaders Carla [-2, i.e. strong] and Dimitri [-1, regular]. 1 Heavy Machine Gun.
Fascists, 9 units, including two leaders [-2 and -1]. Grenades and Light Machine Gun.

Turn 1: Dimitri and the guys inside the building open fire on the Fascists, but with no effect. Carla advances towards the main leader of the enemies.
Her close assault is perfect, making the grenades of the fascists irrelevant [2 on 2d6 is the best possible score]: all the partisan units have a chance to receive a valor badge, and Carla deservedly passes her roll!

Turn 2: Dimitri moves through the open meadow, getting closer to the enemies deployed in the Southern area.

Carla scores a second successful attack [this time, barely so, a roll of 8 with her -2 bonus results in a 6: just enough to win a fight with almost equal forces]. In the two attacks, she has lost one of her man.

Turn 3: Carla’s squad and the HMG fire at the only surviving squad. It is reduced to the leader only and he is pinned. Dimitri can launch a close assault being certain to win.

The mission has been an amazing success. The partisans conquer sector G and they can trade their prisoners, freeing both Leo and Arturo.

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