Valor & Victory in Montagna – 3 – Carla saves the bridge

[Third AAR of my solo games with the free Valor and Victory wargame. I play using Memoir 44 tiles for terrain and basic plastic army men. Battles are based on One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas. Valor & Victory represents leaders as individual figures. Ordinary soldiers actually represent small squads of men. The game system is based on 2d6, one has to roll lower than a target number depending on the specific situation. A number of interesting details are included: e.g. various support weapons, armed and unarmed vehicles, snipers…]

A group of partisans [green army] has created a free republic in Northern Italy: the Republic of Montagna. The Fascist government army [grey] has run a first successful attack (sector J), capturing the partisan leader Arturo: they crossed the Grigio river and inflicted a second defeat to the partisans (sector I). The partisan leader Leo is also captured, but partisan commander Carla escapes.


The partisan leaders Carla [-2], Dimitri and Romeo [-1] defend a bridge and a ford [marked by the two cubes] leading to Montagna (sector C). Off-board, the Fascists also attack from the South and Carla must send one unit to help defend the village during each one of turns 2, 3 and 4 (a total of 3 units). The fascists’ goal is to conquer the two buildings and move at least two units towards the village. Units of both sides must exit from the road towards the West.
[The battle is based on One-Hour Wargames, Neil Thomas, scenario 9 “Double delaying action”]

Order of Battle:
The attacking fascists have 10 units, including one -2 [strong] and one -1 [less strong] leaders; Support Weapons: 1 Light Machine Gun and Grenades.
The defenders have 9 units, including three leaders (-2 Carla, -1 Dimitri and Romeo). SW: Grenades.


Turn 1: all the attackers cross the bridge, they choose not to try an attack from the ford too. Two squads attack Carla, in the building North of the road; the third squad attacks Romeo; a single figure is left behind in reserve. Carla’s Opportunity fire is very effective: she seriously damages one of the attacking squads.

Romeo is the target of a first assault: both sides choose to use their only supply of Grenades. Romeo resists [they roll a 9, with a target of 6 or less], with both sides taking damage.


Things go well for Carla too: she resists an attack by the Fascist -2 [i.e. stronger] leader also armed with the Light Machine Gun.


Dimitri, who was defending the ford, now moves towards the West end of the road, in order to send his men in support of the Montagna village. He is the target of OP fire, and one of his men is wounded [reduced] and pinned.
Since one of the two attacking squads has a pinned figure, Carla decides to send one of his men out, trying to finish the job on that side. He is brilliantly successful [rolling a 2, against a target of 6 or less] but he fails his chance to gain a “Valor” badge. Anyway, he has to take some damage too and he is pinned [the green figure on its side, near the river].


Turn 2: near the buildings, fire is exchanged with no effect. One of Dimitri’s men leaves the battle [as required by the scenario]. Dimitri fires at the fascists near the buildings but  rolls a 12 [the worst possible] triggering the appearance of an enemy sniper on the nearby hill. The sniper immediately hits Dimitri: he will survive, but he is out of combat.


Carla resists another assault, eliminating the -2 leader and his squad. Romeo is not so lucky [the fascists roll a 3]. Romeo is killed with his men, but he manages to completely destroy the attackers [eliminating three units in an assault causes 3 points of damage, which in this case match the assaulting leader + “reduced” figure].


The only surviving enemy is the Sniper. Carla leaves one of his men to deal with him. She and the other unit leave the field, fulfilling the victory conditions. The bridge in Sector C is saved!


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