First WarStuff v2.0 game

Here is my first game with the new version of WarStuff by One Page Rules.

The Beasts (50pts each):
Giant Eagle: Q3+, Large, Fly, Regeneration
Triceratops & T-Rex: Q3+, Large, Deadly, Regeneration

The Gray Soldiers:
4x20pts Basic Soldiers: Q5+, Shooter medium
35pts Sniper: Q4+, Shooter medium, deadly
35pts Robot: Q3+, Strong, Large


The Beasts attacked frontally, charging at full speed. The Bot also charged forward, while the soldiers cautiously moved to shooting range.


The Triceratops reaches the soldiers, but his target survives the attack. The Robot and the T-Rex engage a furious battle: the Robot is immediately wounded. The eagle flies towards the enemies.


The Triceratops is stunned by a lucky shot and immediately killed by a melee attack. The Eagle attacks also. The T-Rex kills the Robot.


The Eagle kills another soldier and the survivors are now attacked from the the opposite side by the T-Rex. The two Beasts easily kill all the soldiers in melee.


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