Warstuff Mark I & II

I ran a simple battle in order to get a better feel of the differences between One Page Rules WarStuff version 1.7 and WarStuff v2.0.

The forces were the following:

VERSION 1.7 (100 pts per side)


Running Soldiers X 2 (35 pts)
Q2 20
fast 10
shooter short 5

Sniper (30 pts)
Q2 20
shooter medium 10

Green Robot with rockets (50 pts)
Q3 30
shooter long 15
large 5

Red/Black Robot (50 pts)
Q3 30
regeneration 15
large 5

VERSION 2.0 (90 pts per side)


Running Soldiers X 2 (30 pts)
Q3+ 20
fast 5
shooter short 5

Sniper (30 pts)
Q3+ 20
shooter medium 10


Green Robot with rockets (50 pts)
Q3+ 20
shooter long 15
armored 15
large 0

Red/Black Robot (40 pts)
Q3+ 20
regeneration 20
large 0


V2.0 units are less expensive: for 150 points it is possible to get more units than in V1.7. I decided to go for a similar point total in the two versions, so I got more powerful units in V2.0: the Soldiers receive top quality and the Green Robot receives an additional Armored special. Alternatively, I could have reduced the point total from 100 to 75 points, possibly obtaining a more comparable set-up.

The scenario is very simple: the two teams enter from the opposite sides of the field, which is mostly empty.



Round 1: All figures move forward. The sniper takes cover.


Round 2: The Green Robot is wounded by the sniper. The Red/Black Robot is killed by a shot from one of the Running Soldiers (and it fails its regeneration roll).


Round 3: The Green Robot kills a Running Soldiers but receives a second wound by the sniper. In this case, the Robot was very lucky, since it only had 1 probability in 6 of surviving a hit. The game could very well have been over after only 3 Rounds.


Round 4: Shots are exchanged, to no effect.

Round 5: The Green Robot charges and kills the second Running Soldier. The Sniper kills the Green Robot.


It was a marginal victory for the soldiers, with only the Sniper surviving.




Round 1: All figures move forward.

Round 2: The Red/Black Robot is stunned by a shot from one of the soldiers.


Round 3: the Red/Black Robot recovers from being stunned (it was lucky that the other soldier did not have a chance to activate and kill it before it recovered). The Green Robot shoots from long distance and stuns the sniper (cover roll failed).


Round 4: The sniper recovers, but he is immediately stunned again by the charge of the Red/Black Robot. The two Running Soldiers, thanks to their Fast special, reach the Red/Black Robot which is first stunned and then killed in melee.


Round 5: The Green Robot has to face the three enemies alone. It receives two hits, both absorbed by the Armored special.


Round 6: All shoot, but all attacks fail or are blocked.


Round 7: The Armor of the Robot absorbed another hit, but finally a lucky combination of rolls by the Sniper put it down.


This was a full victory for the soldiers, who all survived the battle. The turning point was at Round 3 and 4, when the Sniper was almost killed but managed to recover from two consecutive “stuns”, while the Red/Black Robot was destroyed by the combined action of the two Running Soldiers.



  • Version 2 allows for larger battles than Version 1: for the same point total, you get more units or more powerful units.
  • Version 2 is less deadly than Version 1. This factor, combined with the point above, will give longer battles.
  • According to the rules, in Version 2 the game should end after Round 4: I think that in most cases in 4 Rounds only two or three units will be killed. It seems very unlikely to me that Routing because a side is down to half its original size can take place in only 4 Rounds.
  • Version 2 introduces the important novelty that a unit attacked in melee can immediately strike back. This rule had no effect in the test game above, but I think it helps making melee feel different from shooting.
  • This is marginal, but I think Version 2 improves things by assigning a null cost to the Large Special (which costs 5 points in Version 1). In the presence of several shooting units (as in the scenario I played) Large units receive a disadvantage multiple times in each round (for every shot they receive).

Version 2 seems to me more suited for structured scenarios, with asymmetric sides and different objectives. Possibly, a simple “kill-em-all” scenario would be more fun in Version 1, but this is not what I am looking for at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Warstuff Mark I & II

    1. Thank you! I was not aware of these variants. The official warstuff pdf is still labelled 2.0.
      The 2.2 forum proposal looks particularly promising: it seems likely that it significantly improves things. I’ll see if I am inspired enough to try them out the the near future.

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