Dust of Papyria warbands

Here are the warbands I am using for my Song of Shadows and Dust solo games (the Greek are going to be featured soon).




Ganesha Games’ online builder is here:


Details of the three warbands that can be entered into the builder:

;Roman Legionaries
Veteran 1;56;3;4;false;Armed,Steadfast;;
Veteran 2;56;3;4;false;Armed,Steadfast;;
Soldier 1;42;4;4;false;Armed,Steadfast;;
Soldier 2;42;4;4;false;Armed,Steadfast;;

;Egyptian Gladiators
Gladiator Leader;95;2;3;true;Armed,Hard,Leader;;
Veteran Gladiator 1;46;3;3;false;Armed,Hard;;
Veteran Gladiator 2;46;3;3;false;Armed,Hard;;
Retiarius 1;36;4;3;false;Armed,Disarm;;
Retiarius 2;36;4;3;false;Armed,Disarm;;

;Greek Christians
Slinger Adept 1;48;3;3;false;Sling,Steadfast;;
Slinger Adept 2;48;3;3;false;Sling,Steadfast;;
Armed Adept;40;3;3;false;Armed;;
Simple Adept 1;23;4;3;false;;;
Simple Adept 2;23;4;3;false;;;
Simple Adept 3;23;4;3;false;;;


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