Solo Lady Blackbird 3: Deadly Stingwitch

[A solo campaign based on the setting and characters of John Harper’s Lady Blackbird and a mix of OSR rules, mainly White Star. This session makes use of RND issue 1, by Chris Stieha. RND is packed with stuff and I only used a tiny fraction here. Icon sets numbered 1,2,3 below are encounter seeds from RND that I used to generate room descriptions and events]

Prior events: Lady Blackbird is on the run from an arranged marriage to Count Carlowe. She hired a smuggler skyship, The Owl, to take her to the far reaches of the Remnants, so she could be with her once secret lover, the pirate king Uriah Flint. Just before reaching the halfway point of Haven, the Owl was pursued and captured by the Imperial cruiser Hand of Sorrow, under charges of flying a false flag. Lady Blackbird, her bodyguard, and the crew of The Owl were detained in the brig. The Captain of the Owl, Cyrus Vance, used his Warpblood power to teleport out of the cell and free his companions. The crew managed to fight their way to the Owl and escape from the Hand of Sorrow. Since the Owl is almost out of fuel, they sail towards the nearby Stingwitch planetoid. They are granted permission to land, with the warning that the colony has been stricken by an infection of unknown nature.

[The locations of the RND map are referenced in parenthesis below]



(1) The Owl lands near the North West pod of the Singwitch colony, where a ship recharging facility is located. The Crew are asked on the wireless to enter the colony from the East door. Natasha and Kale are left onboard to keep the prisoner soldier Silas under watch.



(2) Vance, Naomi and Snargle enter the colony and meet a woman, Veronica, whose strange is weirdly hairy. Veronica has a large hammer hanging from her belt. From the South, a persistent whistling noise. Venronica says “That’s our energy generator, the boss is trying to fix it so that we can ref-fuel your ship. Maybe you can have a look and help him with that?”. They move towards the source of the whistling sound.


When they pass in front of room (3), a metallic scratching sound can be heard from the inside, like blades hitting the metallic door. Next to the door, an alarm light is flashing. Veronica says: “Some people here got sick. We must keep them temporarily secluded. They will be OK in a few days”.


(4) They cross a room in which there are a few bunks. On one of them there, under a cover, a be-headed corpse can be perceived. A thin, hairy, black limb is not covered by the blanket: it does not look completely human. Veronica says: “Poor Oswald did not make it”. Veronica points to the next room: “Here is Eli, the boss”.



(5) The whistling sound comes from this room. A man in frantically working at an energy generator: he has dismounted part of it. He cuts a wire and the whistling sound stops. He explains the problem with the machine and Snargle immediately offers to help: it looks like something he can fix in a few minutes.

Suddenly, a crash is heard and Veronica rushes in. “Edgard is out” she screams. Naomi and Vance go and see what happened and they are confronted by a huge, black, hairy instectoid entering the room. Vance shoots but misses. The insectoid attacks in melee, with his four blade-like upper limbs. He puts Naomi and Vance out of combat but he is also wounded by Vance.


The insectoid enters the generator room. Snargle fires but misses. The insectoid put also Veronica and Eli out of action. Snargle fires again and this time he manages to kill the insectoid.


Naomi and Vance can barely walk. Snargle helps them to the Owl and they leave the deadly planetoid. Half an hour later, they are completely out of fuel, adrift in the Wild Blue.

2 thoughts on “Solo Lady Blackbird 3: Deadly Stingwitch

  1. Thank you AleaIactandaEst… I am using a lot of cool stuff: Lady Blackbird, White Star, RND, Hulks and Horrors. Everything free or very cheap, but extremely valuable!

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