Solo Lady Blackbird 4: The Ripe Melon

[A solo campaign based on the setting and characters of John Harper’s Lady Blackbird and a mix of OSR rules, mainly White Star. The Ripe Melon has been generated using the Starship from Hell by Rafael Chandler]

Prior events: Lady Blackbird is on the run from an arranged marriage to Count Carlowe. She hired a smuggler skyship, The Owl, to take her to the far reaches of the Remnants, so she could be with her once secret lover, the pirate king Uriah Flint. The Owl is pursued and captured by the Imperial cruiser Hand of Sorrow. Lady Blackbird, her bodyguard Naomi, and the crew of The Owl are detained in the brig. The Captain of the Owl, Cyrus Vance, uses his Warpblood power to teleport out of the cell and free his companions. The crew manage to fight their way to the Owl and escape from the Hand of Sorrow. They find that the Imperial soldier Silas Canter has remained trapped in their ship. Since the Owl is almost out of fuel, they land on the nearby Stingwitch planetoid, but they find it infested by insect-like monsters: Naomi and Vance are badly wounded and they barely manage to escape. The Owl is now out of fuel, adrift in the Wild Blue.

The only chance of the crew is to ask for help to passing ships, but Stingwitch is not close to any main route. Vance recovers well from his wounds, but Naomi keeps getting worse: she is catatonic and her skin is becoming darker. The members of the crew fear that she has been infected by the Stingwitch insectoids.


After four days, the Owl is boarded by the Ripe Melon, a Free Worlds galleon. It is a scientific ship under the command of Science Officer Salacia Paldo. The ship also transports a dozen paramilitary exacters under the command of Compulsor Uad Balentin. The occupants of the Owl are transferred to the Ripe Melon. Dr. Paldo immediately understands that Naomi has contracted a mantoidean infection and has her put into quarantine. The Compulsor is very upset when he finds out that one of the occupants is an Imperial soldier, still he will refuel the Owl and let the others go if they obtain a rare biological item for the Ripe Melon’s collection.

Dr. Salacia Paldo and Compulsor Uad Balentin

[The following has been generated using  Saga Creator by Roryb Bracebuckle and icons from RND issue 1 by Chris Stieha]


The crew is tasked to steal the sacred Scaly Tail relic of Arrowshield. They must go to the Genetic Sanctuary of the Scimitar Monks. There they will face the powers of the Meteorite venerated in the Sanctuary.

It is a good time to attempt this mission, because the Sanctuary is usually unaccessible but for the Autumn Market that takes place in the yard of the Sanctuary once a year.

Naomi will stay on the galleon and her infection will be cured. Of course, she will be killed if the Arrowshield mission does not achive its goal. The Compulsor also takes the additional precaution of installing a time bomb on the Owl: it will explode in ten days, or if someone tries to remove it, or whenever the Compulsor activates a remote control.

The mission will start on the next day, when the Ripe Melon will reach the orbit of planet Wooddock, where the Arrowshield sanctuary is located.

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