RedPlanet58 – The Power Plant of city M17

January 15th 1958: The cold war is raging on the Earth. On Mars, the war is not so cold. The NATO and the Soviet Union confront each other to gain control of the Red Planet.

Ratti, Campano and Verdi must go into one of the building in the Southern area of city M17. It is a Martian power plant. Possibly, some Soviet soldiers are still inside the building, they could also have some NATO prisoners with them.

The team enters the building from the square at the North-Weestern corner. The entrance is a small empty room. From there, they enter the main room. While passing the door, Campano is hit by an electric discharge. The three are confronted by a single Soviet, arriving from the back of the building. The Russian shots Verdi. Campano runs forward for a brawl. The Russian resists for a while the combined efforts of the three Italians, but finally he is defeated. In the back room, two American prisoners are found.

(This was my first game with Pulp Alley: rather satisfactory, but I don’t master the rules yet)


RedPlanet58: Necropolis M16

Ratti, Campano and Verdi reach M16: a Martian necropolis. They must take pictures and measurements of the site. But they meet a squad of Russians, which are dismounting and loading on a truck some inscribed stones. The squads finds a path starting from the spot where the Russians were digging. Where does is take?


1) Ratti and Campano move forward. The Russians group near the truck (Dig In).

2) Ratti reaches the arch. Verdi fires and misses. The Russians take cover (Dig In).


3) Scurry! Ratti reaches one of the tombs. Verdi and Campano move towards the arch. One of the Russians Brawls against Ratti, but it’s a draw.

4) Scurry! Verdi and Campano reach the arch.

5) Ratti kills one of the Russians. Verdi is Knocked Down. Campano runs away.

6) Verdi recovers and kills the Russian who had fired to him. Campano leaves the field.

7) Verdi kills a third enemy. The last Soviet soldiers jumps in the truck and runs away.


The path leads to the entrance of a wide underground Martian road.

Various stuff for RedPlanet58

A few items for my new Sci-Fi campaign based on the FiveCore rules.

I have found and build this very simple paper model truck:


I think it originally comes from a Russian site, like this one:

I am going to use it as a Soviet vehicle.


I have downloaded a detailed map of mars. I have marked in green the Nato features (currently, only the Sinai A Starship landing site); in blue the Martian features (artifact M16); in Red the Russian base (or Starship?) Zhukov.


I have found this great tutorial about “How to Design a Town”:

So I have designed a first sketch of a Martian town. I have added the shadows with a simple ImageMagick script.


RedPlanet58 – Travelling towards artifact M16


During War War II, aerospace technology has had a huge development. The conflict has finished on Earth, but the USA and the USSR keep fighting in space. Initially on the Moon, now, at the end of the 1950s, spreading to Mars. NATO nations have been involved in the fight. In December 1957, a contingent of Italian troops has landed on the Red Planet on the Sinai A starship.

In Episode 1, a team lead by Officer Ratti, has been sent to explore a Martian artifact labeled M16. The team stops on its way in order to examine a large rock that seems of potential interest for the presence of Martian relics. When they dismount from their vehicle, the four Italians must face the attach of four Russian soldiers. Ratti and Campano are on the left of the large rock. Giussani and Verdi are near the vehicle.

1) The Russians open fire and put Verdi Out Of Action. Giussani fires back and kills one of the aggressors. Ratti dashes on the other side of the large rock, in order to attack the enemies from behind.


2) Scurry! Two of the Russians advance. Giussani and Campano take cover next to the vehicle. Ratti is now near enough to open fire with his gun, but he misses his target.


3) The Russians keep moving forward. They hit Giussani.

4) Ratti brawls against one of the Russians, putting him Out Of Action. One of the other two Russians panics under the fire of Campano.


5) Campano moves forward and successfully engages in hand to hand combat with the advancing enemy.

6) The last of the Russians runs away.


Verdi will soon recover from his wound, but Giussani is dead. While examining the corpes of the Russians, Ratti finds a small book written in Martian characters.