Ironsworn Star Wars: Nia the Rodian 2

Episode 1

Nia’s current situation:

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:3 Wits:4

Momentum:+2 Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:5

Dangerous task: Find Shona and take her to Abon – Progress:0

Nia and Grig will enter the imperial command at the Essus spaceport in order to collect information about where Shona might have been taken. Grig is disguised as an Imperial trooper. The plan is for Nia to figure as a Rodian scoundrel that has been arrested.

I will treat the visit to the Imperial command as a small (Troublesome) Delve. I defined this simple Domain to use together with the Fortified Theme:

21-45 corridor

46-60 office

61-65 stairs

66-75 workshop

76-85 cells

6-100 something unusual or unexpected

Delve the Depths: C:4,4 A:6+3Shadow STRONG HIT +MATCH

Delve Progress:3

The guard says: “Rodian filth, uh? We two must be the only two guys at work tonight. I hope you find someone to open a cell downstairs”

Delve the Depths: C:3,5 A:3+3Shadow STRONG HIT

Delve Progress:6

Opportunity: arrows pointing to “Data Room” They walk through deserted corridors, following the arrows to the Data Room

Delve the Depths: C:1,2 A:4+3Shadow STRONG HIT

Delve Progress:9

Domain Feature 49: Office They see a terminal through the open door of a deserted office

Locate Your Objective: C:3,9 vs 9 WEAK HIT

Nia can connect to the terminal and finds the log about the only frigate which left from the spaceport the previous morning.

Complication: The frigate is part of an Imperial operation on the rebel-controlled planet Abon. The log contains the exact coordinates of the ship’s destination, but all other details are classified and not accessible through this terminal.

I reformulate the Task from Find Shona and take her to Abon as “Snatch Shona out of the hands of the Empire”

I mark progress on the Dangerous task “Free Shona” (now 2)

Escape the depths: C:2,6 A:5+3 STRONG HIT

+1 momentum (now 3)

They return undisturbed to the Stingy Eagle. The Stingy Eagle flies back to Abon towards the coordinates appearing on the log of the Imperial Frigate.

Troublesome Journey to Abon.

Undertake a journey C:7,10 A:4+4Wits WEAK HIT

The spaceship leaves the atmosphere of Essus. They did not have time to refuel the Eagle, but the journey is not long. (-1 Supply now 4) Journey progress: 3

Undertake a journey C:6,10 A:2+4Wits MISS

They jump to hyperspace and emerge in sight of Abon. The Imperial navy is there!

1 ship / several ships [50/50 Oracle] Many A large Imperial fleet is in plain view.

Face Danger: C:1,10 A:6+3Shadow+1Companion WEAK HIT

(-1 supply, now 3) Grig tries a quick maneuver, hoping they are not spotted. It works, but they are forced to a detour…

Undertake a journey C:2,10 A:1+4Wits WEAK HIT

The Space Eagle loops around one of Essus’ moons, which shields them from the Imperial fleet. (-1 supply, now 2) Journey progress: 6

Undertake a journey C:4,4 A:1+4Wits STRONG HIT + MATCH Journey progress: 10

Reach your Destination: C: 3,4 STRONG HIT

(+1 momentum, now 4) I mark progress on the Dangerous task “Free Shona” (now 4)

In order to avoid being spotted by the crew of the Imperial frigate, the Stingy Eagle lands a few miles away from the coordinates.

[oracle Location] Shadowy Coast

The starship quietly glides on the densely forested coast of the tropical region of Abon.

Current Situation:

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:3 Wits:4 Momentum:+4 Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:2

Dangerous task: Snatch Shona out of the hands of the Empire Progress:4

To be continued…

Ironsworn Star Wars: Nia the Rodian 1

I haven’t been smart enough to join the Starforged play-testing and now I am impatient to get the rules and try the game! As a diversion, I started a short Star-Wars-inspired Ironsworn game. I also thought that it would be fun to create some rough comic-like illustrations for this story.

My character is a Rodian Female, Nia.

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:3 Wits:4

Momentum:+2 Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:5

Character Goal [Oracle]: Gain Knowledge

Asset: Kindred Companion

Oracle Male/Female? Male

Name: Grig – Your friend stands by you. Skilled: When you make a move outside of combat (not a progress move) aided by your companion’s expertise, add +1. Expertise: Pilot

The Rodian merchant Nia is the owner of the Stingy Eagle cargo ship and Grig is the pilot of the ship. They are both rebels and use the cover of Nia’s trading to infiltrate Empire-controlled planets and collect information for the rebels based on planet [Oracle] Abon.

The Stingy Eagle flies towards planet [Oracle] Essus where [Oracle: An Innocent is Accused] the Empire has imprisoned governor Shona. She is charged of collaborating with the rebellion, but she never did.

The leaders of the Rebellion asked Nia to investigate the situation on Essus and possibly find Shona and take her to Abon.

Dangerous task: Find Shona and take her to Abon – Progress:0

As soon as the Stingy Eagle reaches Essus, Nia and Grig visit the spaceport tavern, hoping to learn some details about the situation.

Do they ask information to humans or aliens? [50/50] Oracle: Human

Male / Female [50/50]: Female

They talk with a local merchant: Denua

Gather Information: C:8,9 A:3+4Wits=7 MISS

Just a few hours earlier, Denua has seen Shona being escorted to an Imperial frigate which has left for an unknown destination. Where has she been taken?

Nia and Grig return to the Stingy Eagle. Nia tries to break into the Imperial Planetary Information System and find out about the route of the frigate.

Gather Information: C:9,10 A:5+4Wits=9 MISS

She is unable to break in. They must find a way to enter the Imperial command at the spaceport and get direct access to an authorized terminal.

The Call of Darkness: steps 1 and 2

My contribution to #SHOCtober II. See set-up here.

This game is based on Cthulhu Dark by Graham Walmsley and Nine Steps And A Bloody Heart (NSAABH) by Lino Pang aka Riccardo Fregi. I am also using the subset of the Game Master’s Apprentice deck from Alone (Larcenous Designs) for inspiration.

Nine steps and a bloody heart is based on steps, each of which includes one or (if the bloody heart card is drawn) more scenes. During each step, a card is drawn from the investigation deck: Bessie and Carlos find the corresponding element is not part of the cult discovered by Abel.

[Before drawing the first card, I have a question: Do Bessie and Carlos read anything in Abel’s diaries requiring an Insight roll? Oracle:NO]

Scene 1 – Card: 6 of Clubs – A Church


A few months earlier, a Zoroastrian temple opened in the City. The press wrote extensively about the event. Might Zoroastrianism be the bizarre cult mentioned by Abel? Carlos and Bessie cooperate in the Investigation [each rolling their “human” dice, according to Cthulhu Dark]:

[Carlos:3 Bessie:6 Rolling a 6 means they discover something disturbing enough to require an Insight roll]

When they visit the temple, a funeral rite has just finished, there is a small crowd in front of the building. The deceased was Eruk, a security guard. Bessie manages to enter the conversation of a group of women.

[GMA: Cheater’s game, weighted dice] Farema works as a waiter at a gambling-house. She was friends with Eruk.

[GMA: Pounding, discordant music] Eruk told her that, while working at night in different areas of the City, it happened to him to hear a distant, disturbing music. It was growing louder from night to night, but he was unable to trace its source. He was determined to understand where it came from. Eruk has been found dead in his house: his body was dismembered and his heart appeared to be missing. Eruk’s death was not reported in the press: who cares about the death of an Indian immigrant?

[Insight rolls – Carlos:5, new Insight=2; Bessie:6, new Insight=2]

That evening Carlos and Bessie discuss their findings: the City really is a more frightening place than they previously thought. Likely, Eruk’s death has nothing to do with what Abel discovered, but what if it does?

Scene 2 – Card:4 of Spades – the Owner of the Sun Palace Hotel

[Is the Owner a man or a woman (50/50): Woman]

Gwendolyn Dubonnet, owner and directory of the Sun Palace Hotel, summons Carlos and Bessie to her office. She knows they are the heirs of Abel, who worked for her for more than a decade. She had noticed that Abel looked worried in the last months, but she could not find a way to help him. She says she feels somehow responsible for his death and wishes she can do something to honour his memory. Is she sincere?

[Bessie uses both her “human” intuition and Insight to assess this point – human:6 insight:5. Again, rolling a 6 means the heroes will experience something relevant to their goal but disturbing]

Bessie feels Gwendolyn is sincere and tells her something about the contents of Abel’s diaries and what they found about Eruk’s death. She is upset to hear of the cult and she start crying. She just cries and mumbles incoherently for several minutes. Apparently, she had nightmares about demons killing people and eating their hearts: this must be what is happening. Bessie and Carlos had always seen Gwendolyn as a cool, rational person: their are upset in their turn by her reaction.

[Insight rolls – Carlos:2, unchanged Insight=2; Bessie:3, new Insight=3]

When Gwendolyn recovers, she says that there are habitual guests of the Hotel who could be related with the cult:

Professor Heidelberg [GMA: halt pandemic] a German epidemiologist who is visiting the local University.

Senator Irving [GMA: the aroma of wine] who regularly visits the City, where he enjoys the several revelries he is so fond of.

The Call of Darkness: 0 set-up

This game is based on Cthulhu Dark by Graham Walmsley and Nine Steps And A Bloody Heart (NSAABH) by Lino Pang aka Riccardo Fregi.


Initial game set-up is inspired to the opening of the Call of Cthulhu novel by HPL.

A City on the Pacific coast of the US, 1949.
Abel Gammell, head waiter at the Sun Palace Hotel, dies after a short illness. His testament leaves all he had to two of his co-workers at the Sun Palace, the heroes of this story:

Bessie, lead singer of the hotel band (and amateur boxer)
Carlos, accountant (previously student at a seminary)
Both start the game with Insight (aka Insanity) = 1. This is the only stat in Cthulhu Dark.

Among the scarce possessions of Abel, there is a large box full of diaries and notes, going back to when Abel lived in Germany, before the war. Some of the notes are in Hebrew, but most of the diaries are in English. The last pages show that Abel was troubled by the discovery of some kind of secret society, or cult, well rooted in the City. In particular, he suspected this organization to be responsible for the death of one of his few friends, David Bukowski. David disappeared a few months earlier and Abel was sure he was killed.


As Bessie and Carlos don’t know yet, this cult is at the service of inhuman entities. Following the card-based NSAABH system, the heroes will investigate this mysterious cult trying to discover:

Who is the leader of the cult
SPADES: 1.A Politician; 2.A Clergyman or woman; 3.An Artist; 4.The Owner of the Sun Palace Hotel; 5.A Professor

What is their main meeting place
CLUBS: 1.A Mountain Lake; 2.A Graveyard; 3:A Mansion; 4.A Warehouse; 5.The Sun Palace Hotel; 6.A Church

What is the inhuman horror they serve
DIAMONDS: 1.Cthulhu; 2.Fthaggua; 3.The Deep Ones; 4.The Mi-Go

As can be seen, I slightly modified the number of cards in each group with respect to the 5,5,5 standard. I do not want to have too many options for mythos creatures, so I only use four cards for them, adding a sixth option to the “place” suit. The total still is unchanged: 15 cards; no particular adjustment to NSAABH is required.

Keera the Sunderer 1: Campaign Set-up

For my second Commands and Colors Ancients solo campaign, I will use Ironsworn to drive the story-telling elements.

Keera, the main character, is a Gallic chief fighting the Romans. For the other details, I used the “Semi-Random Campaign Setup” from the Ironsworn book: I started by choosing assets, before deciding how to allocate stats.

2-4) Assets (I randomly selected five assets and discarded two).
Loyalist – Path
Sunderer – Combat Talent
Shadow Walker – Ritual

1) Character Stats: Edge:1 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:3 Wits:1
[I used the assets as a broad description of the character; this suggested me to give Shadow, Iron and Heart the highest values]

5) Background Vow: [Oracle] Enrich Themselves. Keera’s ultimate goal is to plunder a major Roman city and avenge the misery her kin has suffered for generations.

6) Bonds:
6.1 Mogurix: [Oracle] a Generous and Resourceful Warrior. He is the leader of the Wind-Riders, a clan allied with Keera’s Sunderers (the “Loyalist” asset inspired me to defined the Gallic army as the result of an alliance between different clans)
6.2 Lavinia: [Oracle] a Quiet and Powerful Healer. She is Mogurix’ wife. She was born a Roman; she remained an orphan as a child and was adopted by the Wind-Riders.
6.3 Beltros: [Oracle] a Stingy and Hostile Druid. Beltros is the oldest member of the clan. He is well respected as a wise man and depositary of tribal lore. He is a conservator and thinks that the risks of war should be avoided whenever possible.

7) Inciting Incident[Oracle] nature strikes back
The area where the Sunderers and the Wind-Riders live has been flooded again. Keera and Mogurix decide that, next spring, they will lead their clans South, towards the lands where the fathers of their fathers lived, before they were pushed North by the advance of the Romans.


Keera swears to find the tomb of Dag, her legendary ancestor who ruled in the South and was the last to defeat the Romans.

Swear an Iron Vow: Challenge:7,8 / Action:1+2(Heart)+1(Bond) MISS
-2 Momentum (now 0)
The clans are making ready to move South, when they are attacked by the Romans!

Keera’s current situation:

Stats – Edge:1 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:3 Wits:1
Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:5 Momentum:0
Vow: find the tomb of Dag in the South (Dangerous) – Progress:0
Background Vow: plunder a major Roman city (Extreme) Progress:0

Quill – Shadow and Ink (finale)

[This post contains spoilers. Please read after you have played Quill: Shadow and Ink]

The painter Alexander Rinaldi lives at the outskirts of the Sycamore Wood. He has found in the wood the body of his friend the detective Charlie Robertson: his friend had been troubled since finding an ancient book on the scene of a double suicide. Alexander investigates the area and observes a disturbing ritual performed by a number of fanatics whose skin is covered with horrible scars. He decides to inform t the New England Journal.

[Artist – Penmanship: Good, Language: Poor, Heart: Average – Inspiration: Language +1 die once]

Dear Sirs,
I am sure you have already been informed of the tragic death of my friend the DETECTIVE Charlie Robertson. [+ 2 Language, Penmanship: passed]
On the basis of the things he told me a few days ago, I decided to SNOOP around to understand more of his death. [+1 Penmanship: passed, Language: failed even using the Inspiration die]
I now know the death of my friend is related to a cult led by a LANKY GIANT. [+2 Language, Penmanship: passed]
His followers can be easily recognized by the FLESH CARVINGS that disfigure them. [+2 Language, Penmanship]
I have seen them WRITHING in the Sycamore Woods. It is necessary to inform all citizens of what is happening. [+1 Language: passed, Penmanship: failed]

Totatl: 8. +1 Story Point – Total Story Points: 4

Oswald Wenn is a biologist, a good friend of Alexander Rinaldi.
He goes visiting Alexander but finds the house empty and a trail of blood leading to the woods. He follows the trail and finds about twenty people writhing on the ground, heavily wounded while some monstrous beings feed on their flesh.
Oswald goes back to his hotel room and starts writing, hoping to convince himself that he hasn’t seen what he thinks he has seen.

[Scientist – Penmanship: Poor, Language: Average, Heart: Good – Inspiration: Language +1 die once]

I am a scientist and a PRAGMATIC man. [+1 Heart, Language: failed, Penmanship: passed]
If I recover my usual rational state, I will EASILY DISSIPATE the hallucinations I think I have seen. [+2 Heart, Language: passed, Penmanship: failed]
It is obvious that such MONSTERS cannot really exist. [+1 Heart, Language: failed, Penmanship: passed]
I am being tricked by the IMAGINATION of tired man. [+1 Language:passed, Heart, Penmanship: failed]

Total.5 +1 Story Point. Final Story Point total: 5

I have concluded the game with the absolute minimum of the possible Story Points. This means that the next day poor Oswald will be himself a victim of the creatures he hoped he had only imagined!


Quill – Shadow and Ink (2 and 3)

[This post contains spoilers. Please read after you have played Quill: Shadow and Ink

France, 1903. Virgil Dubois, a Historian, has recently inherited the mysterious Vir Stellas manuscript. When going to Arkham, New England, to visit a friend, he takes the manuscript with him. He manages to decrypt part of the book and understand that it describes incantations that could grant access to a different world. He writes to his friend Jemima Carter, versed in the occult arts, asking her to join him and help him perform the rituals described in the book.
[Penmanship: Good, Language: Average, Heart: Poor – Inspiration: +1 Language. Virgil sets out to use his most persuasive language: first Language roll automatically succeeds].

Dear Jemima,
I have been studying a manuscript that could grant us the OPPORTUNITY to achieve something unique: the access to another world. [+2 – Hearth: fail – Lang. Penmanship: pass]
I attach a FRAGMENT that, with much effort, I have been finally able to understand. [+2 – Language, Penmanship: pass]
I believe it describes an UNUSUAL RITUAL that I want to perform, with your help. [0 – Heart and Language: fail, even if using Inspiration; Penmanship: pass]
The HIEROGLYPHS you see here describe the opening of a doorway to somewhere else. [+2 – Heart: fail, Language and Penmanship: pass]
Please let me know that I can count on your experience with INVOCATIONS to attempt this experiment. [+2 – Heart: fail, Language and Penmanship: pass]

Your friend



Total: 8 points; +1 Story Point – Total Story Points: 2
Jemima accepts to visit, in order to examine the manuscript herself.
[this looked like a great chance to score 2 Story Points….. too bad]



Arkham, 1904. Arthur Grant, a student from New Orleans, has traveled to Arkham to inquire on the health of his friend Jemima Carter. Arthur finds the horribly wounded bodies of Jemima and Virgil. The police archive the case as “suicide”, but Arthur hears voices of strange rituals being performed in a nearby wood. He writes to his university friend Paul Washington asking him to help him investigate.

[Penmanship: Average, Language: Poor, Heart: Good – Inspiration: language +1. Paul is fact-oriented and does not enjoy exaggeration: -1 to Heart rolls]
[This looked difficult, and it was. The Poor language skill makes it impossible to take advantage of the high Heart dice. I failed the first attempt and had to write a “reply” to Paul’s letter]

Dear Paul,
I’M SORRY for having to insist in asking your help. [0 Language, Penmanship: fail]
But the SINISTER episode whose consequences I have directly observed must be further investigated: other lives might be in danger. [+2 Heart: fail, Language and Penmanship: pass]
I have seen the DISFIGURED CORPSES of Jamima and her friend Virigil, something I will never forget. [+3 Heart, Language, Penmanship: passed, using Inspiration]
I am sure the cause of this tragedy must be some SPELL. [0, Language and Penmanship: fail]
I hope you will join me in Arkham with the greatest SPEED: together we can solve this mystery. [+1 Language: failed, Penmanship: passed]



Total:6, +1 Story Point – Total Story Points: 3
Paul, however perplexed by the mention of magic, accepts to join Arthur.



Quill – Shadow and Ink (1)

[This post contains spoilers. Please read after you have played Quill: Shadow and Ink]

The Linguist Orace Dubois (Penmanship: Average, Language: Good, Heart: Poor) is in London. He has bought a manuscript with unreadable text and disturbing illustrations. He writes to his friend Pierre Durand, an expert in the history of occultism, putting forward his disturbance at the text ( +1 to Heart rolls).

Dear Pierre,
I have come in possession of a BOOK I find extremely bizarre. [+1, Heart and Language failed, Penmanship passed]
I believe the obscene FIGURES it contains deserve the attention of an historian like yourself. [0 Language passed, Heart failed – Penmanship passed]
I attach my sketch of the IMAGE that appears on the very first page, with the date 1534. [+1, Heart and Language failed, Penmanship passed]
I feel so DISTURBED by this work, that my only hope is that your opinion will help me put the object in a more rational perspective. [+2 Heart failed, Language and Penmanship passed]
Please believe that the volume is strangely OPPRESSIVE to me. I am looking forward to hear from you. [+2 Heart ad Language passed, Penmanship failed]

Your friend



Pierre replies after several days. He believes the book might be a recent fake, but it could also be an authentic and interesting document.
1 Story Point gained


Ybeena campaign set-up

[Following the advice I received on the Lone Wolf Roleplaying G+ group, here is the set up for my next THW Chain Reaction games]

After his success in the Zurqana campaign, Sgt. Claude is moved to a robotized Green platoon fighting against the alien occupation of the town of Ybeena. In this area, the Blue collaborationists actually fight side by side with the invading “snails from space”.

[I will try Sophia Brandt‘s Minimal Solo RPG MiSo. I used the Gamemaster Apprentice’s Cards to define a few characters for both sides.]

GREENS / Earthlings 

Sgt.Claude.jpgRESSgt. Claude [GMA: bestow feral poverty] A young guy from a poor family, he enrolled to make some money. He is serious and reliable about his job, occasionally overconfident.

Lt.Bassma.jpgRESLt.Bassma is Claude’s immediate superior [GMA: wish hopeful merchant] Bassma sees war as a mean to get a better bargain with the other side. She is convinced that the final solution will be diplomatic: open conflict only is an accessory of politics. She is an enthusiast of war robots: they help limit human losses to a minimum. In the near future, wars will not imply blood spill.

Dr.Jodie_Skarus.jpgRESSgt. Jodie Skarus [GMA: Remember Stealthy Trial] Her knowledge about the aliens doesn’t derive from academic studies and raised suspicion in the army. She was processed and spent several months in jail, but finally managed to convince the court that her knowledge has the only aim of helping the Earthlings fight the aliens. She still beliefs her rank is considerably below what she deserves.


Col.Rakat is a fervent supporter of biological warfare. He is sure that H.G.Wells’ The War of the Worlds is a prophetic book and that the aliens can only be defeated by viruses.

BLUES / Collaborationists

Dagrad.jpgRESDagrad [GMA: inflict ghostly pain] A collaborationist fanatic fighting in Ybeena. He is believed to be a sadistic torturer. Rumors aside, not much is known about him: not many of those who met him survived to tell their story.

Prof.Solmerer.jpgRESProf.Solmerer [GMA: meet arcane relative] One of the leading experts in the field of alien life-forms. The “snails” kidnapped his son and somehow managed to blackmail him into joining the collaborationst side. Green Intelligence has reported his possible presence in the Ybeena area.

Setting up the first Mission

Ybeena is currently split into two halves under Human (Green) and Alien (Blue) control. The town center (E) is still disputed.


[Scene Inspiration – BOLD (Universal PC Stories and Deeds Generator) Waylay:
Unforeseen accusations overcome by personal resources]

Bassma and Claude discuss the next mission. Bassma informs Claude that, in the high spheres, she is being accused to be inefficient in contrasting the Blues.

Option A [D6]: Bassma believes that her record grants her quite enough trust to continue with the current schedule of Patrol missions in the center of Ybeena.

Option B [D4]: Claude feels sure he can find a way to easy the Green capture of the center of Ybeena. Bassma accepts his suggestion and sends his team scouting the area.

ROLL: D6:1 D4:3 Option B wins. We will soon see if Claude starts his service in Bassma’s platoon on the right foot.

Doom in Prevelberg – 1

Sophia Brandt recently posted a link to a nice, little story-telling game: To the Temple of Doom! The rules are only 2 pages and very inspiring. I decided to give the game a try. This first session was preparation: character creation and a draft of the challenge.

I defined these three settings that seemed interesting to me:
1. Middle-East around 1900
2. Central Europe soon after WW2
3. The Baltic Sea – 2017

I rolled the second one: Central Europe soon after WW2

  • The Ancient Evil

[in the game, one should define in advance a number of tracts of the Ancient Evil. I only defined three, that I will handle as “rumors”. Each of them has a 50% probability of being replaced something different]

What is the most terrifying aspect about me?
Game Master Apprentice cards (GMA): Blind, stinking drunk
Those who breath my stench must blindly obey me forever. They are completely demented, with no will of their own.

What is the source of my power?
GMA: meet impending relative
My telepathic link with my siblings on other planets.

What is my greatest weakness?
GMA: deviate distant parent
My father is now so remote that we need a powerful radio system to keep in contact. If that link should be broken, I would immediately be destroyed.

  • The Archelogists

I rolled these characters, who all work at the Kornatonic University.

Cora, Milena and Isaak

Cora Welanoski
Heroic:2 Booksmart:3 Streetwise:1
Speciality: Gems and Metals
Reputation: Senile
Motivation: Brotherhood
Artifact: a Viking amulet found in a ship burial in the North Sea.
During the war, Cora secretly opposed the pro-nazi collaborationist regime, helping the resistance and spying for the allies. Now she is one of the most respected professor at the Kornatonic.

Milena Ruciz
Heroic:3 Booksmart:1 Streetwise:2
Speciality: Secret Signs / Symbols
Reputation: Genius
Motivation: Fatalism
During the war, Milena fought with the resistance. She helped decipher a complex code of the nazists.

Isaak Kafter
Heroic:1 Booksmart:2 Streetwise:3
Speciality: Architecture
Reputation: Rulebreaker
Motivation: Ideology
During the war, Isaak was in the USA. He was expelled because of his communist sympathies. When he arrived at the Kornatonic, he had a brief affair with Milena.

[I decided to give the character an extra stat point: 6 instead of 5. But only Cora has an artifact ]

  • The location

This building, located near the village of Prevelberg, about ten miles from the Kornatonic.


Cora has heard rumors of people disappearing near this building. Someone also speaks of poisonous gases. The building is supposed to have been a military radio-plant. For some reason, it was not destroyed by the massive bombings during the war. It is now abandoned.
Cora asks her younger colleagues to come with her to the building. They will all wear gas-masks, just in case.