Otanu of Eos: 5 – The Great Temple of Torgana

A continuation of my previous mini-campaign about Heliana the Priestess. I am using Ironsworn, PocketLands 1.1 and Scarlet Heroes for hex-crawling and further inspiration. I have created a D100 hex-based version of the PocketLands Discovery Table: D100Lands.

Previously: Otanu is the son of Avella, queen of the island of Eos. The priestess Heliana has forced Avella to embrace the True Cult; Otanu refuses to do the same and sails to the East, vowing to bring back to Eos the cult of the Old Gods. Otanu is a devotee of the war goddess Torgana; when he lands across the sea, he swears to offer 1000 gold pieces to the Great Temple of Torgana to get guidance from the Goddess. Otanu and his companions travel East to the city of Lavinia, where they free the son of Duke Darvus who had been kidnapped by rebels. Two of Otanu’s companions decide to stay in Lavinia. Otanu and the wizard Arakna leave Lavinia towards the temple of Torgana in the North. They find a dying priestess of the moon goddess Darna who was attacked by trolls; they find the liar of the trolls and recover the sacred ring of the priestess. They reach the ancient fortress built by the dwarf king Bigral. Inside the fortress, they are unable to stop an orcish priest from sacrificing a dwarf prisoner.

All episodes.


Main character: Otanu, prince of Eos

Edge:2; Heart:3; Iron:4; Shadow:2; Wits:3.

• Companion : “Kindred” (Arakna the Wizard) – Your friend stands by you. Skilled: When you make a move outside of combat (not a progress move) aided by your companion’s expertise, add +1.
• Path: “Herbalist” – When you attempt to Heal using herbal remedies, and you have at least +1 supply, you may choose one (decide before rolling). * Add +2. * On a hit, take or give an additional +1 health
• Combat Talent “Thunder-Bringer” – If you wield a mighty hammer… When you Face Danger, Secure an Advantage, or Compel by hitting or breaking an inanimate object, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit.

Health:3; Spirit:5; Supply:5; Momentum:1. Gold pieces: 730.

Arakna’s Health: 4/4

Background Vow (Extreme): rise an army to conquer the Island of Eos and bring back the Old Gods (Progress: 0.5).

Dangerous Vow: Offer 1000 gold pieces to the Great Temple of Torgana to get guidance from the Goddess (Progress: 6).

NPCs: Avella (Bond) :queen of the island of Eos, Otanu’s mother. Heliana: a priestess of the True Cult who forced Avella to return to the Cult; opponent of Otanu. Deshin the Dwarf and Willa the Warrior (Bonds): left Eos with Otanu and stopped in Lavinia. Duke Darvus of Lavinia (Bond): a pragmatic ruler who faces a conflict between his human subjects and dwarves he hired. Darvus Junior: Duke Darvus’ son, taken prisoner by rebels and rescued by Otanu. Tukun the wizard: a rebel vassal of Darvus captured by Otanu.

(I start this session with a little world-building about the religions I have met so far).

The Old Gods form a large pantheon with a god for each of the important aspects of life and the natural world. The gods we know of so far are Torgana (war), Darna (moon), Etaura (earth). The Old Gods are in an eternal struggle against Chaos; similarly, their worshippers fight worshippers of Chaos.

Chaos: wizards and chaos lords mess with demons and monsters. Their aim is overthrowing the existing kingdoms and gain power upon the whole world.

The True Cult is a newer religion coming from the West, across the sea. They claim that man and magic are the only truly divine entities. The Old Gods are not better than demons: they should all be destroyed and forgotten. The world should be ruled by the Cult as a single planetary organization.

Back to Otanu and Arakna’s journey towards the temple of Torgana:

Journey North-West from Bigral: C:8,8; A:4+3wits-1Woods. MISS + MATCH. (-2 supply = 3).
They follow a river; the woods give place to a barren region with a malignant feel.

Journey West; C:8,3; A:6+3wits-1wasteland; WEAK HIT. (-1 supply=2). Progress +1=7.
They are still in the wasteland, but they find a road leading North-West.

Journey C:3,9; A:4+3Wits(-1wasteland+1road). WEAK HIT. (-1 supply=1). Progress +1=8.
Following the road, they reach a more hospitable plain.

Resupply. C.7,10. A:4+3wits. MISS. (-1 Supply=0, UNPREPARED).
They cannot find anything to eat. They follow the road to the West.

(I arbitrarily decide to let them find a settlement: Elema). Size: 1-3 small, 4-5 medium, 6 larger than Lavinia: SMALL.

Sojourn: C.8,5; A:6+3heart. STRONG HIT. Unprepared cleared, supply=3. Otanu’s recovers his health (5).
They still need to collect about 300 gold pieces for the offering to Torgana. They ask to the villagers for places where there is hope to find treasure.

Scarlet Heroes dungeon oracle: Nonhuman settlement.
I roll a random Basic Fantasy monster: giants.
This will be a Formidable Infested Ruin delve.

The villagers say that there are rumours that treasure is hidden there, but the place is now inhabited again, some say.

DELVE Jaran, ruins of the palace of the giants

Can they enter from the main entrance? 50/50; YES.

  1. Delve WEAK HIT (Progresss:1). They enter directly into a large hall dominated by a huge sculpture. They trigger a bolt trap. Face danger MISS. Otanu takes 2 harm (Health:3).
  2. Delve STRONG HIT (Progress:2). They reach a mausoleum where they find a hidden chest (1d3x100-50=250 gp).
  3. Delve WEAK HIT (Progress:3). A giant bedroom that appears to have been recently looted.
  4. Delve STRONG HIT + MATCH. In a semi-collapsed angular tower, they find a prisoner. 1-3 human; 4-5 dwarf; 6 other: dwarf. Male/Female? Male. His name is Dotan. (progress:5).
    Was he captured by a giant? (unlikely) YES.
    Dotan says that dwarves are being captured and sacrificed: someone is probably trying to evoke a particularly powerful demon.
  5. Delve STRONG HIT. In a corridor, they find Dotan’s battle axe. (Progress:6)
  6. Delve WEAK HIT. Progress:7. In a pillared hall, they stumble upon 3 orcs (a Dangerous enemy). Battle: MISS. Otanu is wounded again (-2 Health=1).
  7. Delve STRONG HIT (Progress:7). A preserved vault.
    Locate objective: WEAK HIT. They find a huge chest that appears to be intact. Before they can open it, they hear the steps of the giant entering the ruins.

Escape: STRONG HIT + MATCH. While hastily making their way out of the place, Otanu spots a precious gem in the dirt. It is worth 100 gp, now they have a total of 1080 gp, enough for the offering!
I mark progress on the dangerous vow about the Torgana offering: Progress now 8.

Otanu SWEARS a formidable VOW to stop the evocation of the demon that causes the sacrifices of dwarves.

Challenge:8,9; Action;3+1Heart+1Dotan. MISS. (-2 momentum=1).
He realizes he knows too little about the situation. Hopefully, they fill find out more at the temple of Torgana.
This VOW comes with a thread: the actual evocation of the demon.

Otanu is badly wounded; they must return to Elema and TAKE A HIATUS. Health, spirit, supply=5. Momentum=2. The menace advances (+1=1).

When Otanu has recovered, Otanu and Arakna resume their journey North-East.

Journey C.5,8; A:1+3 Wits. MISS. They are attacked. Orcs? (50/50): YES.
Battle: C.8,2; A:6+4Irons. STRONG HIT.

Journey EAST, C:1,0; A:1+3wits. WEAK HIT. (-1 supply=4). Journey progress+1=9.
They find a road leading North-East.

Journey North-East, C:5,2; A:2+3wits+1road. STRONG HIT. Progress:10.

+1 momentum=3. Progress on the offering to Torgana dangerous vow: 10.

FULFILL YOUR VOW: C.6,7 vs 10. STRONG HIT. +2 Momentum=5.

The priests accept the offering of 1000 gold pieces.
Otanu can sleep in the most sacred room of the temple and Torgana appears in this dreams. Message from the goddess: Action / Theme oracle – OPPOSE PORTENT.

Torgana, as she appears in Otanu’s vision (Disco Diffusion AI)

The goddess is grateful for Otanu’s devotion. She says that they must deal with the menace of the demon, whose name is RALS. They must reach the Silver Mountains and return the moon-ring of the Darna priestess to the dwarves who originally made it. The dwarves can use the ring to stop Rals. In this way, Otanu will also be able to find new allies to take back Eos from the True Cult.
Background vow to take back Eos +0.5progress, now 1.
Formidable vow to stop Rals +1 progress, now 1.


Current Situation:

Health:5; Spirit:5; Supply:4; Momentum:5. Gold pieces: 80.

Arakna’s Health: 4/4

Background Vow (Extreme): rise an army to conquer the Island of Eos and bring back the Old Gods (Progress: 1).

Formidable Vow: stop the sacrifices of dwarfs and prevent the evocation of the demon Rals (Progress:1). Threat: Rals appears in this plane of existence (Menace: 1).

Dangerous Vow: Offer 1000 gold pieces to the Great Temple of Torgana to get guidance from the Goddess (Fulfilled).

From Asona to the temple of Torgana

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