Otanu of Eos: 4 – Bigral’s Fortress

A continuation of my previous mini-campaign about Heliana the Priestess. I am using Ironsworn, PocketLands 1.1 and Scarlet Heroes for hex-crawling and further inspiration. I have created a D100 hex-based version of the PocketLands Discovery Table: D100Lands.

Previously: Otanu is the son of Avella, queen of the island of Eos. The priestess Heliana has forced Avella to embrace the True Cult; Otanu refuses to do the same and sails to the East, hoping that one day he will bring back to Eos the cult of the Old Gods. Otanu is a devotee of the war goddess Torgana; when he lands across the sea, he swears to offer 1000 gold pieces to the Great Temple of Torgana to get guidance from the Goddess. Otanu and his companions travel East to the city of Lavinia, where they free the son of Duke Darvus who had been kidnapped by rebels. Two of Otanu’s companions decide to stay in Lavinia. Otanu and the wizard Arakna get directions to reach the temple of Torgana. Along the way, they will find the ruins of the fortress of Bigral, ancient king of the Black Dwarves.

All episodes.


Main character: Otanu, prince of Eos

Edge:2; Heart:3; Iron:4; Shadow:2; Wits:3. (4AD Level 2)

• Companion : “Kindred” (Arakna the Wizard, 4AD Level 2) – Your friend stands by you. Skilled: When you make a move outside of combat (not a progress move) aided by your companion’s expertise, add +1.
• Path: “Herbalist” – When you attempt to Heal using herbal remedies, and you have at least +1 supply, you may choose one (decide before rolling). * Add +2. * On a hit, take or give an additional +1 health
• Combat Talent “Thunder-Bringer” – If you wield a mighty hammer… When you Face Danger, Secure an Advantage, or Compel by hitting or breaking an inanimate object, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit.

Health:5; Spirit:5; Supply:5; Momentum:5. Gold pieces: 640.

Arakna’s Health: 4/4

Background Vow (Extreme): rise an army to conquer the Island of Eos and bring back the Old Gods (Progress: 0.5).

Dangerous Vow: Offer 1000 gold pieces to the Great Temple of Torgana to get guidance from the Goddess (Progress: 6).

Bonds: Queen Avella, Deshin the Dwarf, Willa the Warrior, Duke Darvus of Lavinia


Otanu and Arakna start a Dangerous journey to the temple of Torgana.

JOURNEY: Challenge: 9,9; Action:3+1(bond with Lavinia)+1road+3Wits; MISS and MATCH.

Pay the Price: a surprising event complicates your quest.
(I decide that this will be a side-quest and, because of the Match, the Journey is not Dangerous but Formidable.)

While following the road to the North-West, they find a smashed wagon. All the occupants are dead, but a woman who says she is a priestess of Darna, the Old Goddess of the Moon. She says they were attacked by Trolls, who also stole her sacred moon-ring. She asks for revenge and dies.

They follow westward the tracks of the trolls.

JOURNEY: Challenge: 3,4 Action:6+1(road)+3Wits. STRONG HIT. Journey progress: 1.

The road ends and they must cross a river in a forest.

JOURNEY: Challenge:8,2; Action:6+3wits-2(river, forest). WEAK HIT. -1 supply (now 4). Journey progress: 2.

They are at the foot of the mountains and find the lair of the trolls: an ancient mine.

(This will be a Dangerous Delve into an Infested Mine.)

The lair of the trolls: an infested mine

Briefly: at the entrance they fight the troll’s pet, a hyena. They go down a vertical shaft and meet a young troll, that they easily dispatch. After crossing an underground stream, they find two more trolls. Strong hit, on Locate Objective, therefore the Trolls are sleeping and only count as Dangerous. In the following battle, they kill the trolls but Arkana is lightly wounded. The only treasure they find is the moon-ring of the Darna priestess.

They resume their journey.

JOURNEY: Challenge:2,8; Action:5+3Wits-1(Mountains); WEAK HIT; Journey progress: 3. -1 supply, now 3.

They are still in the mountains, they must cross a river, but they also find a path to the North.

JOURNEY: Challenge:7,3; Action:2+3Wits-2(river, mountains)+1road; WEAK HIT; Journey progress: 4; -1 supply (now 2).

They are still in the mountains. They must abandon the path that turns westward.

JOURNEY: Challenge:6,4; Action:6+3Wits-1(mountains). STRONG HIT. Journey progress: 5.

They go across a flat wasteland, then they turn to the North-East.

JOURNEY: Challenge:5,7; Action:2+3Wits-1(mountains). MISS.
They can see Birgral’s fortress in the distance, but they must cross a dangerous river.

FACE DANGER. Challenge:1,5; Action:5+3Wits, STRONG HIT. They cross unharmed.

JOURNEY: Challenge:10,5; Action:2+3Wits. MISS. -1 supply=1.

The fortress was built on an island in the middle of a lake. They must find a way to cross the lake.
They are also short of supply and search the area for game or other food.

Bigral’s Fortress (Disco Diffusion AI)

RESUPPLY: Challenge:5,7; Action:2+1Wits, MISS. They find nothing and waste time. -1 momentum (now 4).

They explore the Northern shore of the lake.

JOURNEY: Challenge:3,4; Action:6+3Wits. STRONG HIT. Journey Progress:6.
They are in a wooded area, where they manage to resupply and rest (Health and Supplies fully restored). There is wood that they can use to build a raft and reach the fortress.

DELVE into Bigral’s Fortress, a Formidable Ravaged Stronghold

They cannot enter from the main portal, which is closed by dwarven iron gates. They manage to enter through a window on the West side.

  1. Delve: WEAK HIT (Progress: 1). They go through deserted dorms.
  2. Delve: STRONG HIT + Match (Progress: 2). A corridor. They find a secret passage.
  3. Delve: STRONG HIT. (Progress: 3) A hidden a storage room where they collect 100 gold pieces.
  4. Delve: WEAK HIT. (Progress: 4) More dorms. Otanu is tricked by a crumbling wall and is wounded (-1 health=4).
  5. Delve: STRONG HIT. (+1 momentum=6, Progress: 5). They drop upon some orcs and slaughter them.
  6. Delve: MISS. In the courtyard, an orc priest is getting ready to sacrifice a black dwarf. The scene is overlooked by 3 orc warriors (Extreme enemies).
    Battle: WEAK HIT. Arakna kills the priest with a lightning bolt spell, but the orc warriors kill the dwarf and seriously wound Otanu before he can kill all of them (Otanu’s health -3=1).
  7. Delve, MISS+Match, burn momentum to turn it into STRONG HIT+Match (Progress: 6). A chapel devoted to Torgana. Otanu recovers some of his health (now 3).
  8. Delve: WEAK HIT (Progress: 7). Path blocked by more collapsed walls.

They decide that it’s better to conclude their exploration before they meet more orcs.

Locate Objective: C:3,7 vs 7: WEAK HIT.

They are unable to find more treasure. I will not mark progress on the dangerous vow to offer 1000 gold pieces to Torgana.

ESCAPE THE DEPTHS: WEAK HIT (-1 momentum, now 1).

(Though the delve was not very rewarding, I am happy that I could get the distinctive flavour of this Infested Stronghold. I will experiment more with pure-Ironsworn dungeon-crawls).


Current Situation:

Health:3; Spirit:5; Supply:5; Momentum:1. Gold pieces: 730.

Arakna’s Health: 4/4

Background Vow (Extreme): rise an army to conquer the Island of Eos and bring back the Old Gods (Progress: 0.5).

Dangerous Vow: Offer 1000 gold pieces to the Great Temple of Torgana to get guidance from the Goddess (Progress: 6).

Bonds: Queen Avella, Deshin the Dwarf, Willa the Warrior, Duke Darvus of Lavinia

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