Otanu of Eos: 3 – Darvus Junior is freed

A continuation of my previous mini-campaign about Heliana the Priestess. I am using Ironsworn, Four Against Darkness (mostly for dungeon crawls), PocketLands 1.1 and Scarlet Heroes for hex-crawling and further inspiration. I have created a D100 hex-based version of the PocketLands Discovery Table: D100Lands.

Previously: Otanu is the son of Avella, queen of the island of Eos. The priestess Heliana has forced Avella to return to the True Cult, which she had abandoned to follow the wizard Althus. Otanu refuses to join the True Cult and sails to the East with a few trusted companions, hoping that one day he will bring back to Eos the cult of the Old Gods. Otanu is a devotee of the war goddess Torgana; when he lands across the sea in the small village of Asona, he swears to offer 1000 gold pieces to the Great Temple of Torgana to get guidance from the Goddess. Otanu and his companions travel East to the city of Lavinia, where they join the locals in the search for the son of Duke Darvus who was kidnapped by rebels. While exploring a nearby necropolis, the heroes defeat a group of rebels and capture one of them, but they are also wounded in the fight.

All episodes.


Main character: Otanu, prince of Eos

Edge:2; Heart:3; Iron:4; Shadow:2; Wits:3. (4AD Level 2)

• Companion : “Kindred” (Arakna the Wizard, 4AD Level 2) – Your friend stands by you. Skilled: When you make a move outside of combat (not a progress move) aided by your companion’s expertise, add +1.
• Path: “Herbalist” – When you attempt to Heal using herbal remedies, and you have at least +1 supply, you may choose one (decide before rolling). * Add +2. * On a hit, take or give an additional +1 health
• Combat Talent “Thunder-Bringer” – If you wield a mighty hammer… When you Face Danger, Secure an Advantage, or Compel by hitting or breaking an inanimate object, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit.

Heath:3; Spirit:5; Supply:2; Momentum:3. Gold pieces: 260.

Arakna’s Health: 2/4

Background Vow (Extreme): rise an army to conquer the Island of Eos and bring back the Old Gods (Progress: 0).

Dangerous Vow: Offer 1000 gold pieces to the Great Temple of Torgana to get guidance from the Goddess (Progress: 2).

Four Against Darkness party members:
Otanu (4AD Cleric Level 2).
Arakna (4AD Wizard Level 3).
Deshin the Dwarf (4AD Level 1).
Willa the Warrior (4AD Level 1).


I use the Ironsworn oracles to find something about the character of Duke Darvus.
What is his disposition towards the Old Gods? DEMANDING.
Towards the True Cult? INDIFFERENT.
Character description: AGGRESSIVE and KIND.

Darvus does not care about religion. He is a pragmatic and does whatever serves his goals.

What is his goal? RESOLVE A DISPUTE.

Darvus hired dwarves from the East to build a new stronghold, but the local humans did not welcome them. He tried to fix this trouble, but his efforts made things even worse and some of his subjects are now openly rebellious.

The party can rest in Lavinia and recover from their wounds.
SOJOURN: Challenge: 8,1; Action:1+3Heart (Weak Hit).
Health is fully recovered (Otanu now 5, Arakna 4).

Has Darvus Jr been freed by some other expedition? (50/50) NO.

Otanu offers to search another area of the necropolis. They are charged to capture the Chaos Lord Blarar.

A second delve into the necropolis.

They visit the dungeons again and, when they finally find Blarar, Arakna uses her Sleep spell to put him out of combat. They collect 280 gp (now 450). I mark progress on Otanu’s dangerous vow (Progress:4).

Has Darvus Jr been freed by others (50/50)? NO.

Again, they can rest in Lavinia.
SOJOURN, Challenge:3,9; Action:6+3Heart. WEAK HIT. They fully recover health.

Thanks to the capture of Blarar, the extension of the rebellion is getting clearer. The party will be sent to explore one of the newly discovered areas of interest.
(I use Mythic Magazine #3 to get an idea of the new dungeon). Type: palatial. The place is cursed. The place is home to a group or community of some kind.

Tukun’s Corrupted Manor (Disco Diffusion AI)

The wizard Tukun, one of Darvus’s most powerful vassals, is secretly supporting the rebellion. The party will Delve into a Corrupted Manor and will try to capture Tukun.

The building is isolated, in the middle of Tukun’s lands, South of Lavinia. Our heroes enter the building from a window on the West side. They are immediately confronted by 3 golems. They defeat the creatures and, through a terrace, reach the East of the building. Here they have to kill a minotaur. They find a secret door that leads to the inner part of the building. There are more fights with guards and another golem, but finally they find Tukun.

Delving into the manor….

Is Darvus Junior with Tukun? (unlikely). YES.

They defeat the wizard and free the young duke. They also collect 200 gp in the process (now 640).
I mark progress on the Dangerous Vow (Progress:6).

Duke Darvus offers 400 gp as a reward for their help. He also proposes the party to stay in Lavinia as personal guards of Darvus Junior. Two of Otanu’s companions (Deshin the Dwarf and Willa the Warrior) accept to do so. Otanu gives them the 400 gp he just received. (I plan to abandon Four Against Darkness and try pure Ironsworn Delve instead, so the two red-jackets are not needed anymore).

I also mark progress on the Background Vow for having befriended a potential powerful ally (Progress:0.5). I consider this to be a new bond, without rolling the dice.

Tukun the Wizard and Darvus, Duke of Lavinia

SOJOURN: Challenge:2,1; Action:5+3Heart. Strong Hit. They fully recover their health and their supplies.

They receive additional information about Torgana’s temple.
Dangerous / Formidable Journey North? (50/50). Dangerous.

Where can they stop along the way to gather more gold for their offering to Torgana?

Scarlet Heroes oracles: Natural Fortress.
Built by humans or dwarves? (50/50): Dwarves.

The dwarves built the fortress of Bigral on an impregnable rock. It was destroyed by demons centuries ago. Now it is an Ancient Ruin, to be visited in the next episode…


Current Situation:

Heath:5; Spirit:5; Supply:5; Momentum:5. Gold pieces: 640.

Arakna’s Health: 4/4

Background Vow (Extreme): rise an army to conquer the Island of Eos and bring back the Old Gods (Progress: 0.5).

Dangerous Vow: Offer 1000 gold pieces to the Great Temple of Torgana to get guidance from the Goddess (Progress: 6).

Bonds: Queen Avella, Deshin the Dwarf, Willa the Warrior, Duke Darvus of Lavinia

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