Heliana the Priestess: 6 – Althus is defeated (Island of Eos finale)

This mini-campaign is based on Ironsworn, Scarlet Heroes hex-crawling and Dungeon Solitaire: Tomb of Four Kings with the addition of these narrative house-rules. This is the finale of the series focused on the island of Eos. I hope to resume Heliana’s adventures in the future.

Previously: Avella, queen of the island of Eos, has quit the True Cult to become a follower of Althus the wizard. Heliana is a priestess of the True Cult sent to Eos to bring Avella back to the Cult. She finds out that Althus is using goblins and orcs as his minions. In the city of Clara, she charms the warrior cultist Tallia as her companion. The two travel East and destroy the Black Fort, where Althus’s orc army was getting ready to overthrow Avella’s rule. Heliana and Tallia reach the capital city of Eos, where Tallia is killed while confronting the powerful demon Vrusk. Heliana charms a new companion, the military officer Widda, and finds a sceptre that grants her power upon Vrusk.

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Main Character:
Heliana, [Character Descriptor Oracle:] old and hostile Priestess of the True Cult.

Companion: Tallia (+1 when aided).
Scry: sacrifice a magical object and Gather Information +Wits. On a weak hit, 2 harm or -2 supply.
Charm (custom ritual asset): to find a new companion, roll +Shadow. On a Weak Hit, Face Danger.

Edge:3, Heart:2, Iron:2, Shadow:4, Wits:3.
Momentum:8, Health:5, Spirit:5, Supplies:1.
Companion: Widda (HP:10).
Valuable objects: two gems.
Epic background vow: help make the True Cult the main religion in the world [Pr:0].
Formidable Vow: Win back the faith of Queen Avella [Pr:7].

Heliana finds that Althus is in his tower, North-East of the city. She plans to use the demon Vrusk against the wizard. Heliana and Widda prepare the expedition:

Sojourn: Challenge:1,8; Action:4+3(Heart). Weak Hit. (+2 Supply, now 3)

They leave the city directed to the tip of the peninsula North of the Eos:

Journey: Challenge:8,10; Action:6+3(Wits). Weak Hit. (-1 Supply, now 2). The peninsula is plain and does not offer any particular challenge.

Journey: Challenge:8,8; Action:6+3(Wits). Strong Hit + Match. (+1 Momentum, now 9). They move across a forest and get in sight of Althus’ tower.

Tomb of Four Kings: each King gathered allows moving to the upper level. Widda will find Althus in level 4, she must therefore collect 3 Kings.

The tower of Althus

Widda is first wounded by a trap. Finding the stairs to level 2 takes a long time, but on level two she readily dismisses an Ogre guard and finds the stairs to level 3. She is wounded by another trap, and only has 2 HP left, but she manages to find the stairs up and confront Althus in the highest room. She uses the sceptre to summon Vrusk, ordering the demon to help her fight the wizard.

Battle: Challenge:2,10; Action:5+4(Shadow). Weak Hit.

Pay the Price: Vrusk’s fury makes the whole tower collapse. The demon vanishes, while both Althus and Widda are killed. Formidable Vow Progress +1, now 8.

Heliana uses one of her gems to ask the spirits how she can best exploit her victory upon Althus.

Scry: Challenge:1,6; Action:1+3(Wits). Weak Hit. (I decide to burn Momentum, from 9 back to 2, and make this a Strong Hit instead).

Heliana sees that by wearing Althus’ medallion the citizens of the capital will look at her as their new spiritual leader. She searches the ruins of the tower and collects the medallion from Althus’ body. In the city, she is acclaimed as the liberator from the menace of Vrusk. She is finally received by Avella. Will the queen accept to re-join the True Cult?

Fulfil your vow: Challenge:6,8; Progress:8. Weak Hit. (Heliana gains 2 XP)

Complication: Avella reinstate the True Cult as the official religion in Eos. But her son Prince Otanu sails to the East; he leaves a message where he claims that he will come back with an army to eradicate the True Cult and bring back the faith in the Old Gods.

Heliana swears a vow to put an end to Prince Otanu’s threat to the True Cult.

Swear an Iron Vow (Formidable) : Challenge:1,5. Action:2+2(Heart). Weak Hit. (+1 Momentum, now 3)

Heliana the Priestess vs Prince Otanu

Current Situation:
Edge:3, Heart:2, Iron:2, Shadow:4, Wits:3.
Momentum:3, Health:5, Spirit:5, Supplies:2.
Companion: none.
Valuable objects: one gem.
Epic background vow: help make the True Cult the main religion in the world [Progress:0.25].
Formidable Vow: Win back the faith of Queen Avella [Fulfilled].
Formidable Vow: Put an end to Otanu’s threat to the True Cult [Progress:0]

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