Heliana the Priestess: 5 – Vrusk the Demon

This mini-campaign is based on Ironsworn, Scarlet Heroes hex-crawling and Dungeon Solitaire: Tomb of Four Kings with the addition of these narrative house-rules.

Previously: Avella, queen of the island of Eos, has quit the True Cult to become a follower of Althus the wizard. Heliana is a priestess of the True Cult sent to Eos to bring Avella back to the Cult. She finds out that Althus is using goblins and orcs as his minions. In the city of Clara, she charms the warrior cultist Tallia as her companion. The two travel to the Black Fort, where an orc army is getting ready to bring Althus to power. Tallia sets fire to the explosives stored below the fort and the orc army is destroyed.

All episodes.

Main Character:
Heliana, [Character Descriptor Oracle:] old and hostile Priestess of the True Cult

Companion Tallia (+1 when aided)
Scry: sacrifice a magical object and Gather Information +Wits. On a weak hit, 2 harm or -2 supply
Charm (custom ritual asset): to find a new companion, roll +Shadow. On a Weak Hit, Face Danger

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:4 Wits:3
Momentum:8 Health:5 Spirit:5 Supplies:2
Companion: Tallia (HP:12, Jack of Diamonds)
Valuable objects: Red Gem
Epic background vow: help make the True Cult the main religion in the world [Pr:0]
Formidable Vow: Win back the faith of Queen Avella [Pr:5]


Heliana uses the red gem collected by Tallia to cast her scry spell and find out the whereabouts of Queen Avella:

Scry Challenge:7,2 Action:1+3Wits WEAK HIT
The fire burns all their supplies (-2 supply, now 0, Unprepared)

Is Avella at court? (Likely) YES

Where is the court? D6 hexes, D3 direction: NW, NE, SW: 4 hexes NW

Heliana sees that Avella is at court in the capital city of Eos, North-West of the now ruined Black Fort.

Journey Challenge:2,9 Action:5+3Wits WEAK HIT (-1 momentum. now 7)

Heliana and Tallia go through the hills. They find a cave that appears to be the lair of a bear. Tallia goes inside to kill the beast and feed herself and Heliana.

Tomb of Four Kings: Tallia kills two bears and retrieves two ancient artefacts (Kings): a Talisman and a Dagger
+1 Supply, now 1, unprepared removed

The lair of the bears

Journey Challenge:3,7 Action:5+3Wits STRONG HIT
They go through more hills without any trouble

Journey Challenge:4,4 Action:6+3 STRONG HIT + MATCH
(+1 momentum, now 8; +1 vow progress, now 6)

They reach the capital city of Eos and find a comfortable tavern where to rest after their journey. The next day, Heliana hunts for rumours about how to get an audience with Avella.

Gather Information Challenge:7,7 Action:4+3 MISS+MATCH
(here I should probably have burnt momentum, but I did think of that option)

The queen is very reserved and it is almost impossible to talk with her. The city is plagued by the terrible double-headed demon Vrusk: they feed him a young person each week to avoid worse trouble and devastation. Whoever kills the demon will certainly be able to meet the queen who will want to thank their saver.

Vrusk, the double-headed demon

Tomb of Four Kings Multi-Level dungeon (each level is six rooms)
2 of spades represents the demon, immune to divine intervention (Queens)
Tallia goes through the dungeon, she kills an ogre and a goblin and she is wounded by a trap. She descends to the large hall where Vrusk is, but in that moment her torch goes off.

Does Vrusk kill Tallia? (50/50) YES

When Tallia does not come back from the dungeon, Heliana understands that she is alone again and must charm a new companion. She looks for someone who might help her get in touch with the court.
Scarlet Heroes Elite NPC: High Military Officer

Heliana is among the public of the exercises of the Queen’s Guard just outside the walls of the city. She manages to approach one of the commanders and tries her spell.

Charm Challenge:2,9 Action:6+4 STRONG HIT

Gender (50/50) Female
Ironsworn NPC trait: oppressed
Disposition towards the True Cult (Ironsworn disposition oracle): hostile

Widda is the commander of the Bitter End company of the Queen’s Guard. Being low-born, she feels her career is not going as she deserves. Her company took part in the purge against the True Cult ordered by Althus.

Heliana and Widda

Heliana uses the Talisman that Tallia found in the lair of the bears to see if she can use the demon Vrusk against Althus.

Scry Challenge:5,2 Action:5+3Wits STRONG HIT

The spirits tell her that a sceptre hidden in the crypt of a shrine North of the capital will allow her to control Vrusk. She sends Widda in search of the magical object.

Tomb of Four Kings, Mission:4 – Monsters 4-8 are goblins; kill one and retrieve a king

The crypt below the shrine

Widda kills a goblin in the first room of the dungeon and then an ogre. She is badly wounded by traps and does seem to find the sceptre. While she is trying to reach an exit, she first finds the sceptre and then an ancient tomb where she collects two precious gems.

(she collects 45 points of treasure, yet she does not get an advancement)

Heliana now has the sceptre and she can take control of the demon!

Vow progress +1, now 7


Current Situation:

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:4 Wits:3
Momentum:8 Health:5 Spirit:5 Supplies:1
Companion: Widda (HP:10)
Valuable objects: Dagger
Epic background vow: help make the True Cult the main religion in the world [Pr:0]
Formidable Vow: Win back the faith of Queen Avella [Pr:7]

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