Heliana the Priestess: 4 – The Fall of the Black Fort

This mini-campaign is based on Ironsworn, Scarlet Heroes hex-crawling and Dungeon Solitaire: Tomb of Four Kings with the addition of these narrative house-rules.

Previously: Avella, queen of the island of Eos, has quit the True Cult to become a follower of Althus the wizard. Heliana is a priestess of the True Cult sent to Eos to bring Avella back to the Cult. She reaches the village of Coldwater by ship and she magically charms the guard Kuno as a companion. Heliana finds out that Althus is using goblins and orcs as his minions. They reach the town of Clara and Kuno is killed in a dungeon. Heliana charms a new companion: the warrior cultist Tallia. The two leave Clara in search to the place where an orc army is gathering.

All episodes.

Main Character:
Heliana, [Character Descriptor Oracle:] old and hostile Priestess of the True Cult

Companion Tallia (+1 when aided)
Scry: sacrifice a magical object and Gather Information +Wits. On a weak hit, 2 harm or -2 supply
Charm (custom ritual asset): to find a new companion, roll +Shadow. On a Weak Hit, Face Danger

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:4 Wits:3
Momentum:5 Health:5 Spirit:5 Supplies:5
Companion: Tallia
Valuable objects: none
Epic background vow: help make the True Cult the main religion in the world [Pr:0]
Formidable Vow: Win back the faith of Queen Avella [Pr:3]


Heliana and Tallia

Heliana and Tallia travel East.
Journey – Challenge:1,2 Action:1+3Wits STRONG HIT

(+1 Momentum, now 6; -1 supplies, now 4)
They cross a forested area and reach a large river.
Can the river be crossed? [50/50] NO
Journey – Challenge:3,5 Action:2+3Wits WEAK HIT (-1 supplies, now 3)
They follow the river across a plain

Journey – Challenge:1,7 Action:2+3Wits WEAK HIT (-1 supplies, now 2)
Scarlet Heroes Wilderness Features: Bridge, Natural Fort
The ground rises first through hills, then mountains. They reach a bridge guarded by orcs. Across the bridge, a large fort looms at the top of a mountain.
Heliana relies on her dark powers to help Tallia ambush the guards
Battle Challenge: 2,9 A:6+4Shadows STRONG HIT (+2 Momentum, now 8)
I also mark +1 progress on Heliana’s vow (now 4)
After cross the bridge, many caves in the sides of the mountains can be seen. Heliana sends Tallia to explore one of them.
Tomb of Four Kings Mission 6: retrieve the Scroll of Light

Tallia takes damage from a couple of traps, defeats a lizardman and an orc and collects a magical scroll and a gem.
Heliana uses the gem to ask the spirit about the powers of the scroll:
Scry Challenge:5,8 Action:6+3Wits STRONG HIT
Ironsworn Action/Theme Oracle: Oppose Language
The scroll is a powerful confusion spell. If cast on Gnash the orc-king the orcs will be unable to communicate with one another and with Althus.
Tallia will enter the fort and search for Gnash.
Tomb of Four Kings Mission 7: kill 2 monsters and retrieve a Black King

Searching the fort takes a long time. Finally, Tallia’s burns her last torch and is unable to cast the spell. The mission fails, but Tallia manages to escape. The orcs hunt for Heliana and Tallia:
Face Danger Challenge:4,10 Action:1+4Shadows WEAK HIT (-1 Momentum=7)
The two women elude the orcs. They hide in one of the many caves, where Heliana finds a tunnel that goes deep into the mountain. Tallia explores this new dungeon.
Tomb of Four Kings: Kill three monsters and retrieve a Black King

Monster-infested caves

The caves are infested by monsters: Tallia kills a hobgoblin, a goblin and an orc. She finds a ring with a black stone.
Heliana uses the jewel for her magic:
Scry Challenge:2,3 Action:6+3Wits STRONG HIT
Heliana sees that king Gnash has stacked a huge quantity of explosives in the dungeons below the fort. If Tallia can find were the explosives are, she can set a fuse and blow up the whole fort. Exiting the tunnels before the explosion will not be easy though.
Tomb Of Four Kings: find a Black King before retreating.

The dungeons below the black fort

Tallia is lucky: she finds a red gem just after entering the dungeon; the explosives are not too deep in the dungeons. She lights the fuse and exits the caves before the explosion.
[She also gets a TOFK advancement: +1HP, now 12]
Heliana and Tallia see the black fort collapse.
+1 Vow Progress [now 5]
+1 Momentum [now 8]


Current Situation:

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:4 Wits:3
Momentum:8 Health:5 Spirit:5 Supplies:2
Companion: Tallia (HP:12, Jack of Diamonds)
Valuable objects: Red Gem
Epic background vow: help make the True Cult the main religion in the world [Pr:0]
Formidable Vow: Win back the faith of Queen Avella [Pr:5]

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