Heliana the Priestess: 2 – Kuno dies

This mini-campaign is based on Ironsworn, Scarlet Heroes hex-crawling and Dungeon Solitaire: Tomb of Four Kings with the addition of these narrative house-rules.

Previously: Avella, queen of the island of Eos, has quit the True Cult to become a follower of Althus the wizard. Heliana is a priestess of the True Cult sent to Eos to bring Avella back to the Cult. She reaches the village of Coldwater by ship and she magically charms the guard Kuno as a companion. Together, they travel South to a community of exiled members of the True Cult and find out that Althus is using goblins and orcs as his minions.

All episodes.

Main Character:
Heliana, [Character Descriptor Oracle:] old and hostile Priestess of the True Cult

Companion (+1 when aided)
Scry: sacrifice a magical object and Gather Informatin +Wits. On a weak hit, 2 harm or -2 supply
Charm (custom ritual asset): to find a new companion, roll +Shadow. On a Weak Hit, Face Danger

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:4 Wits:3

Momentum:3 Health:5 Spirit:5 Supplies:5

Epic background vow: help make the True Cult the main religion in the world [Pr:0]

Formidable Vow: Win back the faith of Queen Avella [Pr:2]


Heliana still has one of the two valuable earrings found by Kuno. She uses it as sacrifice for her ritual:

Scry C:7,8 A:4+3Wits MISS

She is unable to gain further information. She decides to move East.
They cross a region of forested hills and reach a Villa in a Vineyard Estate.

Who own the villa? [Ironsworn NPC]
The Vengeful Priestess Padma. Disposition:suspicious

Is she a member of the True Cult? [unlikely] NO
She is devoted to Etaura, the Earth Goddess, the most ancient religion of Eos. Padma is resentful against both the True Cult and Althus.
Skeletons have recently infested her cellars and stolen one of her talismans. She will help Heliana if they recover the talisman (Tomb Of Four Kings Mission:9).

Padma’s cellars

Kuno enters the cellar. He kills three skeletons and finds the talisman. But when his last torch goes off he loses it. He still manages to exit the cellars alive.

Padma orders her guards to take most of Heliana’s supplies (-3, now 2) and sends them away.

Journey C:2,10 A:5+3Wits WEAK HIT (-1 supply, now 1)

They head North and reach the town of Clara.
Is this the capital of Eos? [unlikely] NO

They hear rumours that Ilsit, a prominent priest of the True Cult, is kept prisoners in the dungeons below the city hall.

TOFK Mission:4 – Kill 2 guards (monsters 2-7) and retrieve a king (Ilsit)

Kuno is first wounded by a series of traps. He goes berserk and kills a centaur (monster 10). He then kills 3 guards and finds Ilsit, but he is finally killed by a fourth guard.

Ilsit’s cell

Heliana is alone again. She visits inns and market trying to get some insights about Althus.

Gather Information: C:4,5 A:5+3Wits STRONG HIT (+2 Momentum, now 5)
Ironsworn Action/Theme: Depart Momentum
A while ago, Althus was enthusiastically followed by many, but his popularity is now declining.
These are good news for Heliana: I mark progress on her vow (now 3)

Does Heliana find someone who volunteers as a new companion to help the True Cult? 50/50 NO

Scarlet Heroes / Ironsworn NPC: Armoured Dark Cultist

She meets Tallia, a fighter and a follower of the dark cult of Oniros, the dream god. The young woman is hostile to Althus who suppressed the cult of her god.
Heliana tries to Charm her to become her new companion:

Charm: C:2,6 A:1+4Shadow WEAK HIT
Mystic Backslash: a physical torment (2 harm, health=3)

Heliana and Tallia


Current situation:
Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:4 Wits:3
Momentum:3 Health:3 Spirit:5 Supplies:1
Companion: Tallia
Valuable objects: none
Epic background vow: help make the True Cult the main religion in the world [Pr:0]
Formidable Vow: Win back the faith of Queen Avella [Pr:3]

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