Heliana the Priestess: 1

This mini-campaign is based on Ironsworn, Scarlet Heroes hex-crawling and Dungeon Solitaire: Tomb of Four Kings with the addition of these narrative house-rules.

Heliana and Kuno

Main Character:
Heliana, [Character Descriptor Oracle:] old and hostile Priestess of the True Cult

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:4 Wits:3

Momentum:2 Health:5 Spirit:5 Supplies:5

Companion (+1 when aided)
Scry: sacrifice a magical object and Gather Informatin +Wits. On a weak hit, 2 harm or -2 supply
Charm (custom asset): to find a new companion, roll +Shadow. On a Weak Hit, Face Danger

Epic background vow: help make the True Cult the main religion in the world

Ironsworn Goal Oracle: undermine a relationship

Inciting incident: Avella, Queen of the island of Eos, abandoned the True Cult to become a follower of Althus the Wizard. The Cult sends Heliane to Eos to fix things.

Formidable Vow: Win back the faith of Queen Avella.


Swear an Iron Vow: C:5,6 A:2+2Heart+1 Bond MISS
Heliana will sail to Eos without a companion

Heliana arrives at Coldwater, a village in the North-West of Eos.

She tries to Charm a miner she meets in a inn:

C:7,9 A:2+4 MISS

She fails and the other people in the inn try to arrest her as a witch. She leaves the village alone.

She travels to the North on a small peninsula, until she reaches the ruins of an ancient city.

Does she meet anybody? (unlikely) NO

She goes South and reaches a trade post in the hills. She notices a mercenary who looks like a good candidate and tries to Charm her.

C:8,8 A:1+4Shadow MISS+MATCH

The charm fails and she is recognized by two guards who had seen her in Coldwater.

Is she taken back to the village? 50/50 YES

Along the way, she tries to Charm one of the two guards.
C:8,3 A:2+4 WEAK HIT (I mark progress on the Vow, progress=1)

Face Danger: 1,8 A:6+3Edge STRONG HIT

The other guards tries to kill her, but she dodges the blow and the charmed guard kills the other.

Her new Companion is named Kuno (a stern guard)

They reach a ruined fortress South of Coldwater. Heliana sends Kuno to search the dungeon under the fortress for the magic artefacts she needs to Scry.

I roll a random “Tomb of the Four Kings” mission and get #10: Makura’s Earrings (kill three monsters and retrieve two kings).

Kuno first kills a goblin and an orc. He reaches a tomb where he finds two magical earrings. He then retreats towards the outside and kills a third monster along the way.
The mission is a success, but I roll no advance for Kuno’s skills.

Below the ruined fortress

Heliana uses one of the earrings for her magical fire-divination:

Scry C:3,9 A:1+3Wits WEAK HIT
The fire is hungry and Heliana takes 2 harm (health=3)

Does she see a Place (75%) or a Person (25%): PLACE

Ironsworn location: Expansive Hideout

She sees she must reach a complex of catacombs. Who hides there?
Members of the True Cult / Another Cult 50/50 TRUE CULT

After Queen Avella has abandoned the True Cult, many of the most faithful believers have exiled themselves to catacombs in the South-West of the island.

Heliana and Kuno travel through a plain region until they reach the hills where the catacombs are. Heliana presents herself has a priestess and speaks with the cultists (+1 because they share the same religion):

Gather Information C:1,9 A:1+1+2Heart WEAK HIT

She finds out that Althus is allied with the goblins and orcs and these monsters are now proliferating across Eos. (+ progress on the vow, now 2; +1 Momentum, now 3). The cultists need Heliana’s help in their turn.

Random “Tomb of the Four Kings” mission: #6 (retrieve the Scroll of Light)

They ask to be helped rescue one of their sacred books which is in a catacomb that is now occupied by the orcs.
Kuno enters the catacomb and he is immediately confronted by a huge orc (monster:10). He goes berserk and kills it. He passes a shrine and reaches the corridor where the book is hidden. He is confronted by two more orcs, goes back to the shrine through a secret door and exits the dungeon.

The orc-infested catacomb

This time Kuno gets an advancement: he adds the Jack of Spaces (Berserk) to his initial hand.

Heliana and Kuno spend one day at the catacombs.

Sojourn: C: 4,6 A:5+1Bond+2Heart weak hit

Heliana recuperates two health points (health=5)


Current situation:

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:4 Wits:3

Momentum:3 Health:5 Spirit:5 Supplies:5

Epic background vow: help make the True Cult the main religion in the world [Pr:0]

Formidable Vow: Win back the faith of Queen Avella [Pr:2]

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