Leonidovo 1943 – September 1, Danino

Set up and other episodes

Our heroes are deployed on the left

Katya’s account of the day:

We attack Danino, a small village south of Yelnya. Apparently, the Germans were surprised by our attack and the company commander Bikovets could occupy the main crossroads [objective 5]. On the left of Bikovets, we occupied some houses and incessantly fired on the enemy, but we were never involved in the toughest fight. But at the crossroads the fight was hard, with the Germans trying several charges. Both sides took casualties, two of our comrades were killed, but we held our ground and won the day.

One of the furious German attacks against Bikovets’ men

After the battle – based on a simple system I am working on (provisional title: Breakdown).

Nikolay’s doubt would decrease by 1, but it already is at the minimal value, so nothing changes.

I select two random characters to play a scene: Nikolay and Pavel.
Both pass their doubt rolls: they are already Friends, so their relationship cannot further improve. Pavel’s Doubt level decreases from 3 to 2.
Scene prompt 9: “Discussing the previous mission”.

Back to Katya’s journal:

In the evening, I overheard a conversation between Nikolay and Pavel. Pavel was showing a beautiful dagger he found on the body of a dead German. At first, Nikolay was upset and said that we took so little part in the battle that we had no right to take anything from the dead. After that, the two men were silent for a while. Than Nikolay seemed to soften up somehow, he almost smiled and said that the important thing is that we won: one more step towards the liberation of the Motherland. He patted Pavel on the shoulder and went to sleep.

I rolled 1 on the D6 for the Soviet advance, so the next battle will be in the square immediately to the West of Danino.

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