Leonidovo 1943 – Campaign Set-Up

I am starting a second campaign based on the GMT Combat Commander: Europe wargame.
Of course, this is not intended to be historically accurate: it’s fiction.
I will follow a Soviet platoon while they fight near Yelnya in September 1943. They will start at the village of Danino with the goal of moving West to reach and conquer another village: Leonidovo. The distance between the two places is 9 km. I will play 10 games and, after each battle won, the platoon will move West on the basis of a D6 roll:
1-2: 1 km
3-4: 2 km
5-6: 3 km
If the game is lost, they will fight in the same place (1-4) or in a nearby area (5-6), but without advancing West.

First fight in Danino, near the Eastern border of the map

I am developing a simple RPG system to play scenes between battles (provisional title: Breakdown).

These are the characters I will follow. The story will be narrated by Katya. She and the others are lead by Sgt. Lada.


Emotional, Critical – Idealistic – Doubt: 4

Lada (Sergeant)

Sincere, Lazy – Egocentric – Doubt: 3

Nikolay (machine-gunner)

Cold, Withdrawn – Righteous – Doubt: 1


Greedy, Reserved, Patient – Egocentric – Doubt: 3

Initial relationships:
Kaya-Lada: sympathy
Lada-Pavel: antipathy
Pavel-Nikolay: friendship
Nikolay-Katya: sympathy

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