Esposito ’44 – Le Mystère de Chalendun e07 – Capturing the rail-road

Previously: the Allies are approaching the village of Chalendun in Normandy. There are rumours that something strange is hidden there. In an occupied building, Esposito’s squad finds a torture room but some GIs believe it is a laboratory for Nazi experiments on human subjects. After another successful attack, captured Germans say they the officers make them take mysterious pills. Our heroes also find a strange device built by the Nazis; there are rumours that it can control the minds of German soldiers. The platoon leader Lt.Esparza is killed in an attack along the Chalendun rail-road. What is is hidden in Chalendun?

A campaign based on the GMT Combat Commander: Europe wargame. I use the simple Clues in Solo Mysteries and Horror tool by Gerard Nerval and the Game Master’s Apprentice (GMA) deck for inspiration.

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I grant a clue if the Allied objective is taken (even if it is later lost). I will also grant a clue if the Allies win the battle. A maximum of two clues can be collected in each game.

Hints collected so far:

  • A Secret Weapon [8]
  • A French Scientist [4]
  • Some Hidden Treasure [2]
  • An Important Prisoner [3]
The rail-road is now defended by only a few SS

Private Esposito’s account of 7July 1944:

Esparza was a good guy, but a little too bold. He has been replaced by Lt. Wray, who lead us in a new attack to the rail-road. The German defences were considerably reduced with respect to yesterday. Again, McRay lead the attack on the right side while most of the platoon was on the left with Wray. Jerry was aggressive and tried to ambush us, but this time we were ready. Things were easier for Wray and when he was done he came to help us when German reinforcements arrived. They gave us a hard time, but this time we managed to take the objectives with minimal losses.

Since the scenario was won and the objectives taken, two new clues are granted.

[GMA: Unearth Stealthy Container] In a German foxhole, we find a box with a map of Chalendun. The church is marked as the place where “the object” is stored. [+1 Weapon, +1 Treasure]

When examining the documents, our translator understands that we are dealing with a secret weapon [+2]. The mystery is solved! Tomorrow we will attack the village and we will see what this all is about.

Updated situation:

  • A Secret Weapon [11] [since the score is more than 10, this is the solution!]
  • A French Scientist [4]
  • Some Hidden Treasure [3]
  • An Important Prisoner [3]

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