Esposito ’44 – Le Mystère de Chalendun e04 – the US re-take the initiative

Previously: the Allies are approaching the village of Chalendun in Normandy. There are rumours that something strange is hidden there. In an occupied building, Esposito’s squad finds a torture room but some GIs believe it is a laboratory for Nazi experiments on human subjects. The next day the SS counter-attack and they are forced to retreat; they capture a prisoners that appears to be very confused because of some pills he had to take before the battle. What is is hidden in Chalendun?

A campaign based on the GMT Combat Commander: Europe wargame. I use the simple Clues in Solo Mysteries and Horror tool by Gerard Nerval and the Game Master’s Apprentice (GMA) deck for inspiration.

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I grant a clue if the Allied objective is taken (even if it is later lost). I will also grant a clue if the Allies win the battle. A maximum of two clues can be collected in each game.

Private Esposito’s account of 4 July 1944:

In the morning, the area we lost yesterday is re-taken. We are charged of holding the two largest buildings [objectives 3 and 4 on Map 3]. As expected, the Germans attack in the afternoon. I am with McRay and Young in the Eastern building, while the Western building is only lightly defended. Jerry concentrates his attack towards us, and the guys from the other building move out and come and help us: a couple of guys are hit while moving in the open. The Germans are quick to move on our right flank, reaching the trees next to where we are. McRay decides to take the initiative, we exit the building and attack the Germans: they are fewer than we are and our SMGs outgun them. A few survivors still manage to enter the building, but they are forced to surrender.

McRay leads the sortie against the attacking Germans

The guys have taken their objective and won the scenario: they find two clues.

[GMA: Deviate Tender Civilization] One of the German prisoners says he has been the subject of some sort of brain-washing in Chalendun. He had to take some pills that were supposed to suppress all emotions and make him a better fighter. [Secret Weapon +2, French Scientist +1]

[GMA: Ancient and Blocky architecture] He also mentions that the crypt of the Chalendun church has a bizarre architecture and is considered to be very valuable by the German command. They will defend the place at all costs. [Hidden Treasure, +1]

Current situation:
A Secret Weapon [6]
A French Scientist [3]
Some Hidden Treasure [3]
An Important Prisoner [3]

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