Esposito ’44 – Le Mystère de Chalendun e03 – the SS counterattack

Previously: the Allies are approaching the village of Chalendun in Normandy. There are rumours that something strange is hidden there. Esposito’s squad, lead by Sgt. McRay, attempt to secure a small bridge, but they are defeated by the Germans. During the fight they find a truck loaded with plasma welders. The next day, they attack again and the bridge is taken. In a building, a torture room is found, but some GIs believe it was a laboratory for Nazi experiments on human subjects. What is is hidden in Chalendun?

A campaign based on the GMT Combat Commander: Europe wargame. I use the simple Clues in Solo Mysteries and Horror tool by Gerard Nerval and the Master’s Apprentice (GMA) deck for inspiration.

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I grant a clue if the Allied objective is taken (even if it is later lost). I will also grant a clue if the Allies win the battle. A maximum of two clues can be collected in each game.

Esposito is deployed with Esparza, on the road leading North. Circles mark objectives.

Private Esposito account of 3 July 1944:

McRay and Young were both lightly wounded in the fight for the bridge. A German counter-attack is expected and we prepare some trenches. Our platoon is charged to hold a road heading North-East from Chalendun. Lieutenant Esparza deploys almost everybody, myself included, where the road enters a wooded area. A few hundred yards to the South, one of our squads has taken position inside two small buildings, in order to stop a German advance towards the South. The Jerries sensed that the South was our weak spot and they attacked there. We were supposed to get some artillery support, but our radio messages were totally ignored.

The Germans storm the two buildings

Soon the main force of an SS detachment annihilated our squad in the two buildings and they managed to infiltrate our line. We repelled a first attack through the woods.

[The road is the objective of the Allied: since it was occupied by them, they gain a clue. GMA: Personal Chaos]

We captured and interrogated a Jerry who appears to be very confused. He says he had been given some pills before the battle: they make time move slowly and improve reflexes, but he seems too excited to speak clearly.

More German arrive, we took many casualties and had to abandon the road. Only Esparza, myself and a handful of others managed to escape.


Since the scenario is a German victory, no additional clue is gained.
The pills mentioned by the German prisoner could be related with a scientist who makes them [+1] or they could be [part of] a secret weapon [+1]

Current situation:

  • A Secret Weapon [4]
  • A French Scientist [2]
  • Some Hidden Treasure [2]
  • An Important Prisoner [3]

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