Esposito ’44 – Le Mystère de Chalendun e02 – the bridge, again (2 July)

Previously: the Allies are approaching the village of Chalendun in Normandy. There are rumours that something strange is hidden there. Esposito’s squad, lead by Sgt. McRay, attempt to secure a small bridge, but they are defeated by the Germans. Anyway, during the fight they find a truck loaded with plasma welders.

I am reviving this game, after more than one year from Episode 1. I am again switching wargame system, moving to GMT Combat Commander: Europe. I use the simple Clues in Solo Mysteries and Horror tool by Gerard Nerval and the Game Master’s Apprentice (GMA) deck for inspiration.

I will grant a clue if the Allied objective is taken (even if it is later lost). I will also grant a clue if the Allies win the battle. A maximum of two clues can be collected in each game.

Current situation of the possible solutions for the mystery:

  • A Secret Weapon [2]
  • A Dissident Scientist [0]
  • Some Hidden Treasure [1]
  • An Important Prisoner [1]
Esposito, McRay and Young, move towards the bridge; Lt.Esparza occupies the buildings on the right

Esposito says:

The next day, the Platoon attacks the bridge again. This time, the orders are different: the main objectives are a building South of the bridge [objective 3] and a crossroads a few hundred yards to the North [objective 4]. Lt. Esparza leads the attack towards the main objective while, in order to distract the Jerries, a couple of squads attack the bridge [objective 5]. McRay leads this second attack. Esparza readily occupies the building objective. The bridge is occupied by the enemy, but Scalan’s machine gun drives them back. McRay and Young rush forward and take the bridge: I don’t know why they should risk their lives, since this isn’t even a true objective. They are driven back by the German machine guns, a couple of our guys are killed and my friends barley manage to get back. The Lieutenant also has a hard time, with the Germans reaching a nearby building: there is a furious firefight, but finally the German officers launches a melee against Esparza and falls into our ambush. The day is ours.

The fight for the bridge

What does Lt. Esparza find in Objective 3?

GMA: “meet traumatic structure” – they find what appears to be an abandoned torture chamber, or is it a laboratory for experiments on human subjects? Important prisoner +2; secret weapon +1; dissident scientist +1.

Esparza finds a second clue when searching the body of the German officer.

GMA: “beguile religious freedom”. Under his uniform, the man wore what appears to be an ancient religious amulet: it is a bronze medal inscribed in strange characters. Could be vaguely related to “hidden treasue” +1.

Current situation:

  • A Secret Weapon [3]
  • A Dissident Scientist [1]
  • Some Hidden Treasure [2]
  • An Important Prisoner [3]

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