Starforged: Rubble and Foo (E01)

Setup, setting definition and initial vow of an Ironsworn Starforged campaign.


CATACLYSM: We were united in the prolonged war against an implacable foe, but our defeat was at-hand. [I will let the nature of the foe unknown for the moment]

EXODUS: When the Exodus fleet set off on a ponderous journey to a new home outside our galaxy, they marked the Forge as their destination. Countless generations lived out their lives aboard those titanic ships during the millennia-long passage.

COMMUNITIES: Few survived the journey to the Forge, and we are scattered to the winds in this perilous place.

IRON: Iron vows are sworn upon the remnants of ships that carried our people to the Forge.

LAWS: Our communities are bound under the terms of the Covenant, a charter established after the Exodus. The organization called the Keepers is sworn to uphold those laws.

RELIGION: Our faith is as diverse as our people.

MAGIC: Unnatural energies flow through the Forge. Magic and science are two sides of the same coin.

COMMUNICATION AND DATA: Information is life. We rely on a guild of spaceborne couriers, the Heralds, to transport messages and data across the vast distances between settlements.

MEDICINE: To help offset a scarcity of medical supplies and knowledge, the technicians we call riggers create basic organ and limb replacements.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Artificial consciousness emerged in the time before the Exodus, and sentient machines live with us here in the Forge.

WAR: War never ends. Talented weaponsmiths and shipwrights craft deadly, high-tech tools of destruction. Dominant factions wield mighty fleets and battle-hardened troops.

LIFEFORMS: Life in the Forge was seeded and engineered by the Essentia, ancient entities who enact their inscrutable will in this galaxy.

PRECURSORS: Over eons, a vast number of civilizations rose and fell within the Forge. Today, the folk we call grubs—scavenger crews and audacious explorers—delve into the mysterious monuments and ruins of those ancient beings.

HORRORS: Put enough alcohol in a spacer, and they’ll tell you stories of ghost ships crewed by vengeful undead. It’s nonsense.


Background: Unorthodox Archaeologist

Name: Juro “Rubble” Keelan (his callsign is due to his passion for unearthing old stuff)


ARCHIVIST: You wield an archive of esoteric knowledge. When you recall lore from your studies to Secure an Advantage or Gather Information, add +1. If you have ample time to search the archive, add +2. On a hit, envision the obscure but helpful knowledge you put to use (Ask the Oracle if unsure), and take +1 momentum.

SHADE: Drawing on esoteric energies, you may instantly cloak your form in the shadowy

veil of the void. While you are veiled and make a move to ambush, hide, or sneak, set the value of your action die as 5 instead of rolling that die. In places of shadow or darkness, make it 6. On a miss, you are revealed and can’t veil yourself again until the current situation is resolved.

Backstory: You were cast out of your former home. Rubble was expelled from the Covenant Archive because his historical theories were regarded as heretical.

Background Vow: Find out what happened to the Nimrod, the mythical flagship of the Exodus fleet.

STARSHIP ASSET: Your armed, multipurpose starship is suited for interstellar and atmospheric flight. It can comfortably transport several people, has space for cargo, and can carry and launch support vehicles. When you Advance, you may spend experience to equip this vehicle with module assets.

STARSHIP HISTORY: Earned in exchange for a promise or vow. Rubble promised never to visit the Covenant Archive again.

Patched hull covers a recent catastrophic breach.

Starship name: Hecate

ASSET COMPANION UTILITY BOT: Your utility bot has helpful tools at-hand. When you make a move by directing it to access a system, cut through an obstacle, analyze a mechanical issue, or assemble or disassemble a device, roll +its health and take +1 momentum on a hit. On a strong hit with a match, it reveals an unexpected advantage or insight; take another +1 momentum.

Nicknamed “Foo” after its serial number F0.01.86.9C.25.B5 (max Health:4)


Edge:2 Heart:1 Iron:1 Shadow:2 Wits:3

Look: bald, minute, goatee

Act: alert, impulsive

Wear: blue turtleneck


Sector Name: Vanguard Cluster

Region: Outlands

Sector Trouble: Magnetic disturbances disrupt communication

_ _ _ _ _

Settlement Name: Sagan

Location: Planetside (Planet Sagan, Jungle World)

Population: Thousands

Authority: Oppressive

Projects: Research, Energy

First Look: Rustic architecture, Built from random scrap

Settlement Trouble: Depleted resource. They are mining a substance used to build eidolon drives, but the mines are nearly exhausted; they are searching for other veins to exploit and researching other extraction techniques. The population is composed of the small elite of scientists who manage the operations and a vast majority of poorly paid miners.

_ _ _ _ _

Settlement Name: Farpoint

Location: Orbital (Planet Nix, Ice World)

Population: Thousands

Authority: Ineffectual

Projects: Manufacturing

_ _ _ _ _

Settlement Name: Neoma

Location: Orbital (Planet Scorch, Furnace World)

Population: Hundreds

Authority: Lawless

Projects: Raiding


Passage: Segan – Farpoint

Passage: Farpoint – Mobius Rift Sector


Connection Role: Historian (a former colleague at the Covenant Archive)

Rank: Dangerous

First Look: Ill Equipped, Grim

Character Goal: Escape a captor

Revealed: Hardhearted Ironsworn

Name: Arnora Bridger

Based on Sagan

Like Rubble, Arnora had deep divergences with the official historical views of the Archive. Differently from Rubble, she did not come to a consensual agreement. She was accused of stealing important historical documents and she had to leave Terminus in order to escape capture. She has been employed as a data scientist in a research centre but her sympathies go to the miners rather than to the people she works with.

Medicine “Truth” Quest Starter: A rigger is in desperate need of a rare technological artifact to create a life-saving medical device. Their patient is someone important to you, and won’t survive more than a few days. What is the nature of this artifact, and what protects it?

Rubble receives a message from Arnora: most of the contents were lost due to magnetic disturbances, but he could recover the exact place on Sagan from where the message was sent. When Rubble reaches the place, he finds that Arnora has been struck by one of the alien diseases that plague the Forge: she is currently unconscious. The Rigger Arnav “Fixer” Mital knows how to save her, but he needs an essential micro-deflector (EMD). He knows that on Neoma the black market of advanced medical devices is very active. Rubble swears a Dangerous iron vow to find an EMD so that Arnora can be saved.

SWEAR AN IRON VOW C:2,5 A:5+1Heart+1Connection STRONG HIT

+2 Momentum (now 4)

Current Situation:

STATS: Edge:2 Heart:1 Iron:1 Shadow:2 Wits:3

Health:5 Spirit:5 Momentum:4

Foo’s Health: 4

Hecate Starship Health: 5

Background Epic Vow: Find out what happened to the Nimrod, the mythical flagship of the Exodus fleet. Progress: 0

Dangerous Vow: Find an Essential Micro-Deflector so that Arnora can be saved. Progress: 0

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