Ironsworn Star Wars: Nia the Rodian 4

Previously: Nia and Grig are rebels based on planet Abon. They investigate about the arrest of Shona, Governor of planet Essus. They reach Essus on their starship the Stingy Eagle and find out that Shona has been embarked on an Imperial frigate directed to Abon. When they come back to Abon, Grig is separated from Nia. She reaches the frigate and overhears Shona and a Sith Lord ordering the Jarans (a community of snake-like aliens) to attack the Resistance so that the Jaran sacred tree will be spared.

Nia’s current situation:

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:3 Wits:4

Momentum:+5 Health:3 Spirit:5 Supply:2

Dangerous task: Snatch Shona out of the hands of the Empire / Progress:6

Nia looks for one or more Jarans that are far away from troopers that she can talk with them without being noticed.

Does she find a single individual or a small group? [50/50 Oracle] Small group
How many are them? [1D3+1] 3

Who are they? [Character Role Oracle] Thieves

They have stolen a crate of Imperial rations and are eating them not far from the giant tree.

Nia introduces herself as a member of the rebellion. She says that Shona is probably being manipulated or threatened by the Sith Lord: he asks them to help her free Shona.

COMPEL: C:6,8 A:6+2Heart WEAK HIT
(+1 momentum, now 6)
They will help her, but ask something in return.
[Action / Theme Oracle] Reduce Leader

The Jaran new leader Muko has been very ambiguous with the Empire and the Rebellion, never taking a clear position. Now Muko appears to be a puppet in the hands of Lord Herk, the Sith. The three Jarans want Muko removed from command.

Nia asks if there is a Jaran strong enough in the ways of the Force to be a good leader for the community and to help them fight Lord Herk.

(+2 momentum, now 8)

Yes, the three know of a Jaran Jedi and they would like to have him as leader instead of Muko.
Is this Jaran Jedi Male or Female? [50/50] Male
Name: Chaidu

When Muko was elected as leader, Chaidu left the other Jarans for a hermitage.

Where does he live? [Location Oracle] Flooded Hill
He lives on an island at the center of a lake.

Soveen, one of the three Jarans, will help Nia reach Chaidu, while the other two will alert the other pro-rebellion Jarans and make them ready to attack the frigate.

Nia and Soveen agree to steal two Imperial speeder bikes: in this way, they will reach Chaidu in a very short time.

(+1 momentum, now 9)

since it’s a Weak Hit, I add a small complication:

[50/50 Oracle] 1.they only manage to steal a single bike; 2. they are pursued [result:1]

They ambush a biker trooper at the edge of the forest. The bike will be somehow slower with both of them on board, but there are no other bikers in sight, so they decide to proceed.

[Chaidu is not far away; I roll a single Journey move]


They soon reach Chaidu’s lake island.

Nia and Soveen ask Chaidu to immediately come with them to the giant tree to face Lord Herk and free Shona.

COMPEL: C:6,7 A:3+2Heart MISS

Chaidu is not intentioned to take part in fights or politics. As a young girl, Shona had been one of his adepts: she later abandoned her mystic studies and moved to planet Essus. Chaidu believes she is strong enough to face Lord Herk. He gives to Nia and Soveen the lightsaber that once belonged to Shona.

Nia and Soveen return to the giant tree and meet Soveen’s Jaran friends. They tell them that Muko and Lord Herk have called for the evening a council of all Jaran tribes; Shona has been escorted into the Imperial Frigate.
[Will Soveen stay with Nia or with his friends? 50/50 Oracle: Shona]
Soveen asks his friends to immediately start a diversion and engage as many stormtroopers as they can. He and Nia will Delve into the Frigate in search of Shona.

Nia’s current situation:

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:3 Wits:4

Momentum:+8 Health:3 Spirit:5 Supply:2

Dangerous task: Snatch Shona out of the hands of the Empire / Progress:6

to be continued….

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