Ironsworn Star Wars: Nia the Rodian 2

Episode 1

Nia’s current situation:

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:3 Wits:4

Momentum:+2 Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:5

Dangerous task: Find Shona and take her to Abon – Progress:0

Nia and Grig will enter the imperial command at the Essus spaceport in order to collect information about where Shona might have been taken. Grig is disguised as an Imperial trooper. The plan is for Nia to figure as a Rodian scoundrel that has been arrested.

I will treat the visit to the Imperial command as a small (Troublesome) Delve. I defined this simple Domain to use together with the Fortified Theme:

21-45 corridor

46-60 office

61-65 stairs

66-75 workshop

76-85 cells

6-100 something unusual or unexpected

Delve the Depths: C:4,4 A:6+3Shadow STRONG HIT +MATCH

Delve Progress:3

The guard says: “Rodian filth, uh? We two must be the only two guys at work tonight. I hope you find someone to open a cell downstairs”

Delve the Depths: C:3,5 A:3+3Shadow STRONG HIT

Delve Progress:6

Opportunity: arrows pointing to “Data Room” They walk through deserted corridors, following the arrows to the Data Room

Delve the Depths: C:1,2 A:4+3Shadow STRONG HIT

Delve Progress:9

Domain Feature 49: Office They see a terminal through the open door of a deserted office

Locate Your Objective: C:3,9 vs 9 WEAK HIT

Nia can connect to the terminal and finds the log about the only frigate which left from the spaceport the previous morning.

Complication: The frigate is part of an Imperial operation on the rebel-controlled planet Abon. The log contains the exact coordinates of the ship’s destination, but all other details are classified and not accessible through this terminal.

I reformulate the Task from Find Shona and take her to Abon as “Snatch Shona out of the hands of the Empire”

I mark progress on the Dangerous task “Free Shona” (now 2)

Escape the depths: C:2,6 A:5+3 STRONG HIT

+1 momentum (now 3)

They return undisturbed to the Stingy Eagle. The Stingy Eagle flies back to Abon towards the coordinates appearing on the log of the Imperial Frigate.

Troublesome Journey to Abon.

Undertake a journey C:7,10 A:4+4Wits WEAK HIT

The spaceship leaves the atmosphere of Essus. They did not have time to refuel the Eagle, but the journey is not long. (-1 Supply now 4) Journey progress: 3

Undertake a journey C:6,10 A:2+4Wits MISS

They jump to hyperspace and emerge in sight of Abon. The Imperial navy is there!

1 ship / several ships [50/50 Oracle] Many A large Imperial fleet is in plain view.

Face Danger: C:1,10 A:6+3Shadow+1Companion WEAK HIT

(-1 supply, now 3) Grig tries a quick maneuver, hoping they are not spotted. It works, but they are forced to a detour…

Undertake a journey C:2,10 A:1+4Wits WEAK HIT

The Space Eagle loops around one of Essus’ moons, which shields them from the Imperial fleet. (-1 supply, now 2) Journey progress: 6

Undertake a journey C:4,4 A:1+4Wits STRONG HIT + MATCH Journey progress: 10

Reach your Destination: C: 3,4 STRONG HIT

(+1 momentum, now 4) I mark progress on the Dangerous task “Free Shona” (now 4)

In order to avoid being spotted by the crew of the Imperial frigate, the Stingy Eagle lands a few miles away from the coordinates.

[oracle Location] Shadowy Coast

The starship quietly glides on the densely forested coast of the tropical region of Abon.

Current Situation:

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:3 Wits:4 Momentum:+4 Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:2

Dangerous task: Snatch Shona out of the hands of the Empire Progress:4

To be continued…

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