Ironsworn Star Wars: Nia the Rodian 1

I haven’t been smart enough to join the Starforged play-testing and now I am impatient to get the rules and try the game! As a diversion, I started a short Star-Wars-inspired Ironsworn game. I also thought that it would be fun to create some rough comic-like illustrations for this story.

My character is a Rodian Female, Nia.

Edge:3 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:3 Wits:4

Momentum:+2 Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:5

Character Goal [Oracle]: Gain Knowledge

Asset: Kindred Companion

Oracle Male/Female? Male

Name: Grig – Your friend stands by you. Skilled: When you make a move outside of combat (not a progress move) aided by your companion’s expertise, add +1. Expertise: Pilot

The Rodian merchant Nia is the owner of the Stingy Eagle cargo ship and Grig is the pilot of the ship. They are both rebels and use the cover of Nia’s trading to infiltrate Empire-controlled planets and collect information for the rebels based on planet [Oracle] Abon.

The Stingy Eagle flies towards planet [Oracle] Essus where [Oracle: An Innocent is Accused] the Empire has imprisoned governor Shona. She is charged of collaborating with the rebellion, but she never did.

The leaders of the Rebellion asked Nia to investigate the situation on Essus and possibly find Shona and take her to Abon.

Dangerous task: Find Shona and take her to Abon – Progress:0

As soon as the Stingy Eagle reaches Essus, Nia and Grig visit the spaceport tavern, hoping to learn some details about the situation.

Do they ask information to humans or aliens? [50/50] Oracle: Human

Male / Female [50/50]: Female

They talk with a local merchant: Denua

Gather Information: C:8,9 A:3+4Wits=7 MISS

Just a few hours earlier, Denua has seen Shona being escorted to an Imperial frigate which has left for an unknown destination. Where has she been taken?

Nia and Grig return to the Stingy Eagle. Nia tries to break into the Imperial Planetary Information System and find out about the route of the frigate.

Gather Information: C:9,10 A:5+4Wits=9 MISS

She is unable to break in. They must find a way to enter the Imperial command at the spaceport and get direct access to an authorized terminal.

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