Esposito ’44 – 2 The Bridge at Isigny (8 June)


A World War 2 campaign, based on the Memoir 44 boardgame, the M44 Campaign Hero Rules variant posted by Ian Finn on BBG, the Game Master’s Apprentice (GMA) deck and some other ideas collected in Doubt and Bravery. The heroes of this story are:


Private Esposito – Egoistic
Corporal Mc Ray – Righteous
Private Young – Idealistic

Sessions will be narrated in first person as Esposito’s diary. In-character text in italics.


This battle is based on Memoir 44 scenario Pegasus Bridge.
This is a gaming campaign: don’t expect historic accuracy.

We join a major push towards the interior. Our targets are two bridges, and our company is assigned to the Western one.


We move forward and we find the bridge protected by two German units: one is firing from a wooded area, the other is closer to the bridge. Our forces are superior: Young’s platoon rushes forward towards the bridge, while our platoon fires towards the bridge with all we have. We do a great job at it, basically annihilating the Jerry’s. The other platoon easily occupies the bridge: target achieved!


The enemies in the wooded area are also overwhelmed with heavy losses and forced to retreat. Things do not go so well on the the other attack front: we were unable to conquer the second bridge, but heavy looses were inflicted to the Germans, though we took many casualties as well.


It ended with a victory for the Allies, 4 Victory Points to 1.

All characters take +2 bravery for the victory. McRay gains an additional +1 for contributing in destroying the German unit on the bridge. Esposito passes his promotion roll: Bravery reset to 0.

McRay collected money from Young for his bet: indeed he killed several Nazis today. Mac is angry not only because Young was the first to make it to the bridge. Diplomatically, I shared with both of them my last pack of Lucky Strikes and things are again good between us.

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