Esposito ’44 – 1 The Beach (6 June)

A World War 2 campaign, based on the Memoir 44 boardgame, the M44 Campaign Hero Rules variant posted by Ian Finn on BBG, the Game Master’s Apprentice (GMA) deck and some other ideas collected in Doubt and Bravery. The heroes of this story are:


Private Esposito – Egoistic
Corporal Mc Ray – Righteous
Private Young – Idealistic

Sessions will be narrated in first person as Esposito’s diary. In-character text in italics.

McRay and Esposito are ready to climb the cliff. Allied casualties inflicted by the advanced pillbox. The other American lost unit will be hit by artillery

We reach the beach near Point du Hoc. I am scared as hell. A nasty pillbox on a protruding rock takes down many of our comrades but thanks god it’s at the opposite side of the beach: where we are it’s much more manageable. I follow Mc Ray, who rushes forward screaming: he seems excited to be finally shot by the Germans. Our platoon is the first to reach the cliff, but when we climb up with are faced by a wall of fire: more German pillboxes. The Sergeant is killed. We retreat to the beach while the other platoons climb up: a mess. On the opposite side of the beach, things go well, we see GIs blowing up the pillbox on the rock.

Young takes part to the final attack, while McRay and Esposito are still below the cliff

After a while, we can the signal that we can climb up: the Germans have been killed and some surrendered.
When we camped, Young told us how his platoon blew up one of the pillboxes. Everyone is making fun of us, for retreating back to the beach when the Sergeant died, but not Young. He was not mean, though he was somehow shocked by the fight, like myself.

[The scenario was played with ordinary allied units instead of rangers, yet it was an easy win for the attackers: 4 VPs for the allied vs 2 VPs for the Germans. Each of the three guys takes +2 Bravery for taking part in the victory]
[GMA: a prophecy fulfilled]
Yet McRay had the stomach to ask Young 5 bucks, since they bet on who would be the first to climb up the cliff. True, our platoon was the first one up the cliff, but we immediately rushed back. Young paid without a blink: cool guy. And McRay put forward another bet: who will kill more Germans tomorrow. Young agreed without any enthusiasm. I obviously stayed out of it: these bets can only bring us bad luck, I say.

[I rolled for promotions: the target is less than Bravery on a d10. As expected, all failed]

Esposito – Rank:Private, Alignment:Egoistic, Bravery:2, Doubt:5
McRay – Rank:Corporal, Alignment:Righteous, Bravery:2, Doubt:2
Young – Rank:Private, Alignment:Idealistic, Bravery:3, Doubt:2

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