Keera the Sunderer 6: the Tomb of Dag

An Ironsworn solo campaign, with battles fought with the Commands and Colors Ancients and Scenario-X boardgame rules. I have reduced armies to 10 units (instead of the standard 12 in Scenario-X) and set the end of the game to 5 victory points (aka Banners) instead of 6. Hex-Crawling is based on the Macchiato Monsters Map Generator by Eric Nieudan. See campaign set-up here. [This is a gaming campaign: please do not expect historical accuracy]

Previous Events: Keera is the leader of a Gallic clan: the Sunderers. She allies with the Wind-Riders, lead by Mogurix, in order to march South towards the richest lands that once were Gallic and are now controlled by the Romans. Keera swears to find the tomb of their mythical ancestor Dag. They advance slowly, with frequent fights against the Romans, in which the Gauls are always victorious. After a few days, the druid Beltros announces he must leave the clan to follow a mysterious quest: he names the young Anunna as his replacement. The Gauls reach a large lake: they find that the tomb of Dag is not far. They are again confronted by the Romans: another great victory for Keera.


Mogurix; the leader of the Wind-Riders, a clan allied with Keera’s Sunderers

Lavinia:  Mogurix’ wife. A Healer who was born a Roman but was adopted by the Gauls when a child.

Beltros: a Druid and the oldest member of Keera’s Sunderers. He disapproves the expedition South, believing that the risks of war should be avoided whenever possible.

Anunna: a young and honest priestess who replaces Beltros when he leaves he clan.people2_1200

Undertake a journey: Challenge:9,6 Action:4+1=5 Weak hit (Supply -1, now 3)
Journey Progress now: 8

Reach Your Destination: Challenge:7,4 vs 8 STRONG HIT

The Gauls proceed West around the lake. The area is still marshy. When they reach the Southern shore, the ground rises somehow. They find a high heap of stones, some with engravings they recognize. It’s the tomb of Dag!

Keera and Mogurix agree that some celebration is due, but they know that they do not have much supplies and the area does not offer much. Keera is decided to find somewhere near where they can establish a permanent settlement. At the end of the celebrations, she swears a vow to do so:

Swear a Vow to establish a Celtic settlement near the lake: Challenge:3,4 Action:2+2(Heart)+1(Bond)=5 STRONG HIT
(+2 Morale, now 4)

Since the Gauls have managed to travel this far into Roman territory, I will also mark 1 progress on Keera’s background goal to plunder a major Roman city.

[I decided to roll on Settlement trouble for inspiration about the new challenges for the Gauls]
Oracle: 99 (roll twice)
18: Revolt against a leader
50: Provisions are scarce

The Gauls proceed East, along the Southern shores of the lake, looking for a place where they can settle. They meet some Etruscans fishermen and they come to know that the nearby Etruscan city of Axevena has revolted against the Romans. The rebels are lead by  two twin princes:

Vel [Weary Adventurer] has been abroad for years, fighting as a mercenary in the Roman army;
Perca [Aloof Guide] when Vel returned to Axevena, she convinced him to use his military skill against the Romans, who were distracted by the incursion of the Gauls.


The next day, the Gauls are confronted by an Etruscan army lead by the two twins.

[Based on ScenarioX Army 68:
1 Medium Cavalry (Perca)
3 Light Infantry
4 Medium Infantry
2 Heavy Infantry (Vel)
1 Auxilia]

I rolled that the Etruscan will have one unit more than the Gauls (11 vs 10). They also have one command card more (5 vs 4). Victory is set at five banners.


Mogurix leads the cavalry on the left flank; Keera the warriors at the centre. Light infantry is deployed on the right.
Opposite to Mogurix, Perca leads the Etruscan Cavalry and Light Infantry. Vel is at the centre, leading the Etruscan Heavy and Medium Infantry.


Mogurix leads the first attack against both Light Infantry on the flank and Vel’s main forces. The Light Infantry evades, almost unharmed. The clash at the centre is more effective: two Etruscan Infantry units are destroyed, but they fight back effectively, annihilating a unit of Gaul warriors [Gaul:2, Etruscan:1]. But three more Etruscan units are left badly damaged at the centre of the field, with Vel forced to retreat back.

Three damaged and isolated Etruscan units, with their leader Vel forced back

Keera attacks with all her might [and the super-powerful “I am Spartacus” card] destroying two of the damaged units. She also loses a second group of warriors [Gaul:4, Etruscan:2]

The fifth and last banner is acquired in a Coordinated Attack, with Mogurix again leading the decisive charge. [Gaul:5: Etruscan:2]


Another Strong Hit for the Gauls. Their streak of victories is impressive.

I mark progress on the Settlement Vow (now:2).

Keera’s current situation:

Stats – Edge:1 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:3 Wits:1
Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:3 Momentum:4
Assets: Loyalist, Sunderer, Shadow-Walker
Vow: find the tomb of Dag in the South (Dangerous) – ACHIEVED
Vow: establish a settlement near the lake (Dangerous) – Progress:2
Background Vow: plunder a major Roman city (Extreme) Progress:1

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