Keera the Sunderer 5: the great lake

An Ironsworn solo campaign, with battles fought with the Commands and Colors Ancients and Scenario-X boardgame rules. I have reduced armies to 10 units (instead of the standard 12 in Scenario-X) and set the end of the game to 5 victory points (aka Banners) instead of 6. Hex-Crawling is based on the Macchiato Monsters Map Generator by Eric Nieudan. See campaign set-up here. [This is a gaming campaign: please do not expect historical accuracy]

Previous Events: Keera is the leader of a Gallic clan: the Sunderers. She allies with the Wind-Riders, lead by Mogurix, in order to march South towards the richest lands that once were Gallic and are now controlled by the Romans. Keera swears to find the tomb of their mythical ancestor Dag. They advance slowly, with frequent fights against the Romans, in which the Gauls are always victorious. After a few days, the druid Beltros announces he must leave the clan to follow a mysterious quest: he names the young Anunna as his replacement.


Mogurix; the leader of the Wind-Riders, a clan allied with Keera’s Sunderers

Lavinia:  Mogurix’ wife. A Healer who was born a Roman but was adopted by the Gauls when a child.

Beltros: a Druid and the oldest member of Keera’s Sunderers. He disapproves the expedition South, believing that the risks of war should be avoided whenever possible.

Anunna: a young and honest priestess who replaces Beltros when he leaves he clan.people2_1200



Undertake a Journey: Challenge:5,6 Action:6+1=7 a Strong Hit! (progress on the journey towards the tomb of Dag: 2)
Keera leads the Gauls through a an increasingly marshy landscape. The area appears not to be inhabited: no signs of Roman presence.

Undertake a Journey: Challenge:6,4 Action:4+1=5 Weak hit (-1 Supply; journey progress now 4)

Undertake a Journey: Challenge:2,2 Action:3+1 Strong Hit and Matching Dice!
They reach the shores of a great lake. They meet some Etruscan fishermen which are quite friendly: they have heard rumours of the victories of the Gauls against the Romans and they are pleased with the news. They tell Keera that the tomb of Dag is not far from the Southern shore of the lake.
(journey progress now 6)

They proceed West, close to the lake. The area is still occupied by marshes.


Undertake a Journey: Challenge:4,5 Action:2+1 Miss
After about one week of undisturbed advance, they make camp in an area with some sparse woods, but still adjacent to the marshes. A large Roman farm has been spotted and they plan to attack it early next day. But, once again, they are faced by a Roman army.

Keera deploys on the right flank, behind a small river (treated as marshes in CCA). Mogurix is at the extreme left, next to the woods. The Gallic camp is in the middle. One of the two Roman leaders is attached to a Cavalry unit, deployed in front of Keera. The second leader is at the centre, together with the Roman elite infantry.

[I am using a slightly smaller Commands and Colors board (10×9 hexes instead of 13×11) – I randomly rolled for the number of cards for each side (4 or 5) – the Romans have 5 command cards, the Gauls only 4 – the farm at the centre of the board is treated as clear terrain and worth a victory banner – the battle will end when one of the two sides conquers its fifth banner]


The Gauls advance more quickly, even if crossing the marshes causes some losses. The Roman cavalry lead by the general also advances, aiming at a clash with Keera.

Keera crossing the marshes, ready to face the Roman cavalry

The Roman cavalry is repelled and two Roman infantry units are destroyed; the Gauls occupy the farm, but not without losses [Gauls:3; Romans:1]

The farm is conquered!

With a classical pincer manoeuvre, Keera and Mogurix attack on both flanks the Roman units that were already damaged by the previous fights near the marshes and the farm. Each of the leaders destroys an enemy unit and secure one more victory for the Gauls [Gauls:5; Romans:1]. This is a strong hit (+2 Momentum).

Two more Roman infantry units are destroyed

Keera’s current situation:

Stats – Edge:1 Heart:2 Iron:2 Shadow:3 Wits:1
Health:5 Spirit:5 Supply:4 Momentum:2
Assets: Loyalist, Sunderer, Shadow-Walker
Vow: find the tomb of Dag in the South (Dangerous) – Progress:6
Background Vow: plunder a major Roman city (Extreme) Progress:0

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