The Call of Darkness: steps 3 and 4

This game is based on Cthulhu Dark by Graham Walmsley and Nine Steps And A Bloody Heart (NSAABH) by Lino Pang aka Riccardo Fregi. I am also using the subset of the Game Master’s Apprentice (GMA) deck from Alone (Larcenous Designs) for inspiration.


Since Gwendolyn seems so passionate about their investigation, Carlos and Bessie ask her to find someone skilled in the Hebraic language to read the rest of Abel’s notes.

[This is an attempt to draw an additional card: something that NSAABH allows to do once during each group of scenes 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, and, optionally, when drawing the Ace of Hearts. To make things interesting, I decided that the heroes must roll a 6 to have access to the extra card. They cooperate in convincing Gwendolyn, also rolling an Insight die.

Carlos:5 Bessie:3 Insight:4 – not enough]

Gwendolyn says she has no idea where to find someone qualified and trustworthy. She will try asking her connections in the next days.

Step 3 – Card: Ace of Diamonds. The Horror is not the Great Cthulhu, but some lesser creature

[I think I need an NPC who has witness the rites of the cult. Oracle: is it Farema or a new NPC (50/50) New NPC Male or Female? A man GMA: Bargain Religious Knowledge ]

The City Newspaper publishes an article about an English student gone lunatic. Livius Lyndon studies anthropology at the City University: he contacted the police narrating a story about a group of people worshipping blood-thirsty aliens of maybe demons. He was terrified, possibly under the effect of drugs. Livius was promptly assigned to the local mental asylum. Gwendolyn this time is able to help: she has a friend in a leading position at the asylum. She obtains permission for Carlos to visit the patient.

[Investigate: Human die + Insight die: 1 + 2. Carlos will find out very little]

Livius is still terrified. He refuses to speak with Carlos. As speaking to himself, he says half sentences like: “they called that thing and it came…. it spoke to them… I even paid to be there, my greed for knowledge has doomed me…”

Step 4 – Card: 4 of Clubs – The main meeting point of the cult is not at a warehouse


On a free night, Carlos and Bessie explore the industrial area, where the deceased Eruk (see Step 1) used to work as a security guard. They hope to hear the mysterious pounding music reported by Eruk.

[Investigation Carlos:1 Bessie:2 Insight:6 – they found more than they wanted to, and they will need to roll and Insight test. GMA: meet fraudolent]

They hear noises from inside a warehouse: when they look inside, they see smugglers unloading crates of tequila from a truck. The men see them and chase them. [GMA: stones of all shapes and sizes]

Bessie and Carlos manage to hide in a yard full of building material. In the dark, they stumble upon a heap of dismembered bodies.

[Insight test – Carlos:6 (new Insight level:3) – Bessie:6 (new Insight level:4)]

The two heroes are totally terrified.

[Since this double 6 roll is so exceptional, I decide it’s a good moment to try getting the bonus card for steps 4-6. Investigation – Human dice + Insight die: 3,5,6 – Success! But a new Insight test will be needed. Carlos: 5 (new level:4) Bessie:4 (level unchanged:4)]

Bonus Card – 2 of Spades – A Clergyman

[Oracle: Christian or Zoroastrian? (50/50) Christian]

Carlos recognizes the head of Father Miguel, a priest at a Catholic church he sometimes frequents.

Investigation deck summary:

Who is the leader of the cult? – SPADES: 1.Sen.Irving; 2.A Clergyman or woman; 3.An Artist; 4.The Owner of the Sun Palace Hotel(Gwendolyn); 5.Prof.Heidelberg [Only 3 suspects remain as the leaders of the cult: the Senator and the Professor suggested by Gwendolyn and as still mysterious Artist]

What is their main meeting place? – CLUBS: 1.A Mountain Lake; 2.A Graveyard; 3:A Mansion; 4.A Warehouse; 5.The Sun Palace Hotel; 6.A Church

What is the inhuman horror they serve? – DIAMONDS: 1.Cthulhu; 2.Fthaggua; 3.The Deep Ones; 4.The Mi-Go

One thought on “The Call of Darkness: steps 3 and 4

  1. Wow!! Awesome gameplay. I’m curious to use NSAABH and Cthulhu Dark as well. Is there a continuation?? What happens next?? Also, with Cthulhu Dark, I’m curious why its sometimes necessary to include an Insight Die roll in addition to the other dice? Wouldn’t this just put everyone at risk, especially if your’re looking a highest number in the rolls, and if it happens to be the Insight die, you have to roll for an Insight check? Also, do you do rerolls? Sorry, so many questions šŸ™‚

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