Pyros Island 3 – The Fall of Lofos


Commands and Colors Ancients solo campaign, with RPG elements based on Biviusand the free subset of the Game Master’s Apprentice (GMA) Deck. The campaign will end one one of two sides wins its third victory. See setup here.

Previous events: Neos, the son of the tyrant of Syracuse, has broken his marriage vow with the Carthaginian Bastet. His father exiled him to the island of Pyros (a Syracusan colony) where he became the lover of the ruler Zenon. Bastet and her mother Lilith attack Pyros to force Neos to marry Bastet or take revenge upon him. They occupy the Southern part of the island without encountering opposition, and defeat the Syracusan army in the Sika Valley. As the invaders push West towards the sea-side village of Ormiskos, they are defeated by Zenon, who also captures Bastet. Lilith still refuses any agreement and Neos now refuses to fight: Bastet has been captured and he wants the battle against Lilith to be fair.

Lilith thinks of trying the Northern route that leads from Sika to Kastro. The two armies meet again near Lofos.

Only the two leaders Zenon and Lilith take part to the fight. I rolled for some wooded area and I also included two camps: capturing one counts as a banner i.e. victory point. As usual, Zenon is attached to a Heavy Infantry unit and Lilith to a Medium Cavalry one.

Lilith and the Carthaginian on the left; Zenon and the Syracusan on the right

Zenon’s infantry advances at the centre of the battlefield. The Carthaginian Cavarly tries to outflank him on both sides.


But the Light Cavarly unit on the left of the Carthaginian army is first beaten by the Syracusan Medium Infantry and then destroyed by a Light Infantry ranged attack [C:0 S:1].


On the opposite flank, Lilith is pushing forward with her Cavalry and three infantry units.

Lilith leading forward her Heavy Infantry and Auxilia

Her advance pushes a Syracusan infantry unit out of the battlefield [C:1 S.1]. But she is now isolated, with only an Auxilia unit in support. Her Heavy Infantry, even more isolated at the centre of the battlefield, will be destroyed by Zenon [C:1 S:2]. The Syracusan army is close to the Carthaginian camp, defended by a badly damaged cavalry unit: yet the defenders repel an attack by the Syracusan Light Infantry and destroy the unit [C:2 S:2].

But Lilith is on fire: she clashes with the Syracusan cavalry. Her horsemen are initially dispersed, but they soon rally and destroy the Syracusan cavalry [C:3 S:2]. Her charge does not stop before she also removes a light infantry unit from the battlefield [C:4 S:2].

Lilith pushes forward, while her camp is under siege


The Carthaginian camp is under continuous attacks, but it strenuously resists. The Carthaginian Auxilia near Lilith engage a fight with the Infantry at the left of Zenon: the Syracusan take considerable damage. Finally Lilith charges the two weakened units and destroys both of them [C:6 S.2].


This was an outstanding win for the Carthaginians!

The Campaign score is now the following:
Carthaginian – Victories:2 Banners:15
Syracusan – Victories:1 Banners:11

With the next battle, Lilith will have a chance to win the campaign. She will launch an attack against Kastro, Zenon’s capital town.


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